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Travel around France on the SNCF rail network

The French rail network is considered to be one of the best in the world. It offers reliable, frequent trains that make for comfortable, civilised journeys – and at a very reasonable cost. There’s a great choice of high-speed, overnight and local trains reaching thousands of destinations and a range of on-board accommodation to choose from.

Taking the train is a great way to travel in France. The SNCF network is extensive, covering all parts of the country with good connections. Even the name is romantic – Societe National des Chemins de Fer (iron pathways). French train travel offers a choice of services at good value and it's a fascinating chance to see more of this beautiful country and connect with its language and people.

TGV trains

Travelling at up to 320kph, the TGV train (Train a Grande Vitesse) whisks you between major French cities and towns. Travel TGV and you'll enjoy reserved seats and all the on-board comforts of these superb, modern trains. 

Corail Téoz Trains

These luxury long distance trains are designed to meet the needs of families, business travellers, regular travellers cyclists and tourists alike. Children’s areas, bicycle facilities and modern comforts in all classes make travelling on Corail Téoz trains a pleasure. You can choose your seating option, but all seats must be booked in advance.

Corail Intercités Trains

In general these run on the routes not served by Corail Téoz or TGV, and a reservation is usually not required. Corail Intercités trains are comfortable but they do not offer special facilities for families or bicycle storage. 

TER Trains

Take TER trains to travel short distances in comfort at an affordable price. Most trains offer standard and first-class and there's no need to book. TER runs between major cities and towns and stops at smaller destinations. The French Riviera service aims to relieve rail and road congestion along the coast.

Corail Lunéa Trains

These trains travel overnight from Paris on main routes through France, allowing you to sleep in comfort while the train carries you to your destination. On-board accommodation ranges from reclining seats to standard class couchettes in 6-berth compartments and first-class couchettes in 4-berth compartments. You'll need to book in advance and women-only and family couchettes are available.

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