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Every village should have one….. A vineyard that is.

Vineyard in CahorsA vineyard in Cahors (click for larger image)

Every village should have one….. A vineyard that is.  This view of a small village with church in the background over a field of vines is typical of many wine growing areas in France.

This particular vineyard at Saint Michel in the Cahors wine region is just a few kilometres away from the RN 21 to the North of Cahors where a wine outlet can be found. One can buy the fruits of this vineyard along with other food and drink of the region. 

Wine has been grown in this area since Roman times and it was shipped down the River to Bordeaux for export to the rest of the world. The wine of Cahors is very dark, almost black and it  is the only French red wine to harness the power of the Malbec grape. The wines were once used to add depth to the lighter-coloured wines from Bordeaux.

Typically these wines need to be aged some years to give of their best, but they go very well with the robust dishes of the region – duck confit, foie gras and truffles.