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It's funny how food products that are least attainable become all the more desirable.

Reading Chris Campbell Howes’ column this month, reminds me how food products that are least attainable become all the more desirable. This is especially true of various English products to those residing or spending long periods in France. I have noticed too, how it is those same products which crop up on the ‘must have’ list time and time again for example marmite, custard and cheddar cheese.

As wonderful as the French cheeses are, there is still a yearning, for strong English cheddar by many ex-pats.  Many of our English property owners who live in France, tell me that they ask their English guests to bring over supplies when they visit. It works both ways too – there are some French products (and I don’t just mean the wine!) that we all miss when we return home to England. My personal French favourite is the Rocamadour goats cheese that sits on a bed of salad, or is gently melted over a round of toast and which I take for granted when in France, yet crave madly when in the UK. I have occasionally spotted a genuine Rocamadour cheese in a delicatessen but otherwise the urge is only satisfied when a French Market comes to one of our local towns or I make a trip over to France.

Chris has outlined some of his English ‘must haves’ that he stocks up on when visiting England - perhaps you would like to share with us some of those French products you miss once you have returned home from your holiday Tell us what the product is, where you have enjoyed it (including, if relevant, when you have stayed at a French Connections owners property) and why it is so special to you.  We will publish the most interesting reports.