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When the bridge was constructed it was a source of national pride that it was the longest cable stay bridge in the world.

The Pont-de-NormandyThe Pont-de-Normandy Bridge (click for larger image)

The Pont de Normandie is the second largest cable stay bridge in the world.  It crosses the river Seine and links Le Havre to Honfleur saving around 35 miles over the previous quickest route when travelling from Calais. The bridge has a toll of around 5 euros each way for cars.

The bridge is 2,143 metres long, construction took 7 years and it opened in 1995. There are two lanes each way for traffic and one each way for cyclists and pedestrians. When the bridge opened it was the longest cable stay suspension bridge in the world. It was overtaken for this title in 1999 by the Tatara Bridge in Japan.

As you approach it from the Calais side there is a rest area with a cafe and a viewing area which goes over the road from where this picture was taken. When you next take a trip through Normandy be sure to stop and take a look.