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You may already be aware of the new French laws requiring all motorists to have a disposable breathalyser (to measure breath alcohol levels) in their car at all times which has been mentioned in the press and on on BBC TVs Top Gear programme recently.

The Alcosense breathalyser kitThe Alcosense breathalyser kit

The decree regarding the obligation to have two alcohol breath tests in a vehicle was published on the 1st March 2012, with a date of implementation of 1 July 2012. According to the decree, the obligation is to have one breath test in the vehicle but if the driver tests himself , drivers will need to have a second breath test (unused) in order to comply with the law. There is a fine of € 11 if the driver does not have such breath test in the vehicle but the fine - but not the obligation to have the tests in the vehicle - should only be applied as from 1 November 2012.

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