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We’re all familiar with the crossings on the English Channel between the UK and France, either by Eurotunnel or ferry. But have you ever thought of making the ferry experience part of your holiday? I recently had the opportunity to do just this, travelling from Marseille to the wonderful French Mediterranean island of Corsica, a distance of approximately 330 kms. Whether you are looking to spend your full holiday on the island or just a part of it, it is well worth experiencing the overnight SNCM Ferry to reach Corsica.  

Early one evening in October we boarded the SNCM vessel Pascal Paoli (named after Filippo Antonio Paquale di Paoli, who I later learned was a Corsican patriot and leader who designed and wrote the Constitution of the State). Swift embarkation allowed us enough time to become acquainted with our small but comfortable cabin with en-suite shower/WC before we sailed and to get ready for dinner on board ship. 

A buffet salad entrée that was satisfying enough as a full meal was laid out enticingly in the dining room where one served oneself, followed by a choice of main meal and delicious desserts to die for (again help yourself buffet). Accompanied by a delightful Corsican Rose, this was a perfect way to start our trip to Corsica.  

SNCM runs ferries from various ports along the south coast of France. You can either fly down to your Port of Embarkation or do as we did and take the Eurostar to Paris, making the simple change across stations via the efficient RER metro from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon. The speedy, comfortable TGV between Paris and Marseille added to the laid back mood of the trip as we relaxed into our seats and watched the French countryside fly by. From the station at Marseille it’s a short distance (metro or taxi) to the Place de la Joliette where we boarded the ship.

For anyone staying along the south coast of France, a trip to Corsica makes an unforgettable experience and is well worth adding to your trip. Our photo shows the ferry at the island's port of Bastia.

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