French Connections

Find Holiday accommodation in France

It’s peak time for summer holidays in France. Have you ever dreamed of buying a French property for your own holidays that would help pay for itself through holiday lets?

For many people this combination of lifestyle enhancement with financial investment seems ideal – and if you are thinking about taking the plunge, then the good news is that this can be a really good time to buy.

Savings are attracting a pretty poor return at present and properties in France are relatively good value, so there’s the chance to grab a bargain and get more for your money than in Britain. Also, sterling is stronger against the euro, so exchange rates are good – and there’s the possibility of rate fixing if you plan to purchase property.

If you buy judiciously, market professionally, set realistic prices and offer attractive facilities then it is definitely possible to attract rental bookings sufficient to offset running costs and make a small profit.

Renovation is pricey these days so it’s better value to buy a finished property which may even have a letting history. Choose a location that’s accessible by air or road and not too far from restaurants and shops. Look for a property with ‘kerb appeal’ that’s in a peaceful spot with a good view and get a feel for the local community. In France, a small rural town might actually offer more of what you’d expect from ‘village life’.

When setting your budget, don’t forget to allow for buying expenses, furnishing and equipping the property and marketing online to advertise the holiday home and draw in business. Check out our comprehensive Buying Guide.

We have hundreds of properties listed in the ‘Property for Sale’ section of our website, from a house ready to move into at just £35,000 to some stunning chateaux and wine domaines for a little over £1 million – and plenty in between. Our photo shows one example near the beautiful village of Najac. Often owners are selling direct, which saves on agency fees. You can search by area, size and price to help narrow things down!