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La Rochelle @ credit La Rochelle Tourism

La Rochelle is the essence of French charm and style. It’s known as la Ville Blanche, the white city, thanks to the many limestone buildings that reflect the sunlight. There’s a pretty harbour surrounded by cafés and stalls plus one of the largest private leisure ports in the world. Historic towers that are hundreds of years old stand watch and usher in the Atlantic. Ancient covered arcades that line narrow streets are home to fabulous cafés, shops and bars.

There’s plenty to do for the whole family in this lovely little corner of Western France.

La Rochelle aquarium

The aquarium is a bit of a must. Just to the left of the harbour as you look out to sea, it’s one of the largest aquariums in Europe. It’s privately owned, has 83 individual aquariums and takes about two hours to do the whole thing. It explores the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Indo-Pacific oceans and seas.


Trip down memory lane

Take a wander down those historic narrow streets with their timber framed houses and quaint little boutiques. You’ll discover pretty, shaded squares, polished flagstone pavements and beautiful grey-white mansions.

Sail to Fort Boyard

If you’ve got kids, you may well have seen the hit TV show, Fort Boyard. You can take a boat ride to view the 19th-century fort which is oval shaped, 68 metres long with walls 20 metres high and just off the coast of La Rochelle. You can’t actually go into Fort Boyard but it is an impressive sight and the over dramatic commentary of the boat’s speaker system adds to the fun.

Gastronomic paradise

The freshest of seafood and a plethora of delectable bars and restaurants make this a foodie’s paradise. One of the most delicious and fun places to eat at is the brasserie Bar André (5 Rue St Jean du Pérot) whose plateaux de fruits de mer have been pleasing guests since 1947. Watching the sun set over the yachts clinking in the harbour will create memories to cherish.

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