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Cannes, a resort town on the French Riviera, is famous for its international film festival – but there’s much more to this lively town than that. It’s the perfect city for a sunshine winter break.

Although it’s cooler in winter months, it’s often warm enough for T shirts during the day. Strolling the Boulevard de la Croisette, the wide road that curves around the coast, lined with sandy beaches, upmarket boutiques and palatial hotels, is always a pleasure…

Go island hopping

Just a short ferry ride from mainland Cannes, are the “Iles de Lérins”, a small cluster of islands. Here you’ll find a totally different vibe from the hustle of Cannes. On the Island of Sainte-Marguerite, inhabited since Roman times, you’ll discover the Fort Royal, where the “Man in the Iron Mask” was imprisoned.

You’ll also see the ruins of an old fort, vineyards, forests and walk ways. The views from the top of the island are well worth the climb. Ferries run throughout winter.

Visit a market: Marché Forville

Marché Forville is a fabulous market which offers local fresh foods, seafood, meats, pasta, cheese, breads, nuts and oils, spices and wines, fruits and vegetables. Open six days a week (Mondays are antiques and art) and in winter when the mimosa blossoms in the area – it’s an absolute feast for the eyes.

Les Muirs Peints

As Cannes is most well known for its role in the film industry its not surprising the walls of the buildings in the main town reflect this heritage. Wall murals depict film scenes, directors filming and film reels, including older classic films and stars. There is a Petit Train tourist ride you take to see the paintings, but you can get closer by walking through the town, or take a guided tour on foot from the tourist office - it’s well worth it.

Eglise Notre Dame d'Esperance

Right in the heart of the oldest part of Cannes, perched up high is the church of Notre Dame d’Esperance. It is well worth the hike to the top, but if steep hills and stairs are tough for you, take the Petit Train from the town. It stops here for about 10 minutes, allowing you to take in the scenery along the seafront and the bay.

The church is small but has beautiful stained glass windows and statues. From the courtyard with its walled entrance, you’ll have the most incredible views over Cannes.

La Croix-des-Gardes

Follow the winding paths through the beautiful nature reserve of the Hill of La Croix-des-Gardes in a smart district of Cannes. There are acres of grassland with beautiful wild flowers, shrubs and trees, with spectacular views from the high point.

With numerous fabulous restaurants, bars, bistros and cafés to indulge in the local gastronomy, a winter break in Cannes is perfect for blowing away the winter blues.


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