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One of the most frequent complaints I hear from Brits living in France is they didn’t move here to hang out with other Brits. It really annoys me. I know we all came to France to enjoy a French lifestyle, but why should this suddenly mean running a hundred yards in the opposite direction should you spot a compatriot?


I'M NOT much of a betting man, but I contacted - on line - London bookmakers William Hill the other day. I wanted to find out what odds they were giving on the French presidential elections, in which first round votes are being cast

Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky is a vivid and compelling lost masterpiece set in wartime France, now a best seller worldwide. Helena talks to the daughter of the author about her escape with the manuscript and her sister in 1942.

When the technician showed up this week to fix my television and install the satellite for my broadband internet I was relieved for two reasons. One I don’t ever want to go through the trauma of my husband missing England versus France in the Six Nations, as well as a Chelsea cup game in the same day. Second, the technician was English.


SOME MIGHT call it an amiable weakness, others might frown and mutter at this deplorable departure from received standards of civilisation. Personally I think it's probably a gentle glide into senility and second childhood tha

The story behind the The Song of Roland (La Chanson de Roland) which is the oldest major work of French literature.

    A DAMP January morning, mild but overcast, exactly suitable for a funeral. The marin's blowing, the wind that rolls inland from the Mediterranean bearing gifts of low pressure and blankets of heavy grey cloud that blot out the m