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Oasis Parcs Villa Sophora - Printable booking form

Print this form, fill it in and post to the address supplied by the property owner/manager.

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Arrival date: Departure date:
Adults: Children:
Names of other party members:
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Changeover dates: Mondays for 4 or 7 nights (except 27/6 - 5/9/2015). Please contact us for prices. Fridays for 3 or 7 nights (except 27/6 - 5/9/2015). Please contact us for prices. Saturdays for 7 nights all year round.


Important: A booking can only be confirmed once the deposit has been paid (or the full amount if within 12 weeks of arrival).

Deposit 30% of rental cost is due at the time of booking.

Balance The balance must be paid not less than 5 weeks prior to your arrival at the property.Bookings taken within 12 weeks of your arrival at the property must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation If you need to cancel your booking the party leader must do so immediately in writing or by email to the owner (or their representative) and Select Villas. Cancellation charges are as follows: 25% of the rent for booking contract termination from the 21st day before the arrival date of the stay. 50% of the rent for booking contract termination from the 14th day before the arrival date of the stay. 75% of the rent for booking contract termination from the 7th day before the arrival date of the stay. 90% of the rent for booking contract termination from 1 day before the arrival date of the stay. 100% of the rent for booking contract termination on the same day of the arrival date of the stay or in case of a ‘no show’.


1. General 1.1. These General Conditions apply to all bookings, offers and agreements relating to all accommodations, services, activities and facilities, which are rented by Holiday Home Rentals B.V., from now on Oasis Parcs, or its affiliates. 1.2. In these General Conditions, the term ‘booker’ means the person who concludes the contract through a booking agreement regarding rent and use of the accommodation(s), services, facilities and activities with Oasis Parcs. The term ‘user’ refers to the booker and the persons specified by the booker, also called companions, who will use the property, services, activities and /or facilities rented by the booker. 1.3. The Oasis Parcs General Conditions apply for a booking and stay at an Oasis Parcs resort, regardless of any (previous) reference to own conditions or other terms and conditions. Oasis Parcs rejects all other general conditions, which you refer to. 1.4. Deviations from these general conditions are only valid if agreed in writing by Oasis Parcs. 2. Bookings 2.1. Oasis Parcs only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years. The booker must be 18 years or older. Bookings made by persons younger than 18 years are invalid. 2.2. Oasis Parcs will confirm and invoice the booking in writing or digitally, within 10 days at the latest. This confirmation/invoice are also the binding agreement between the booker and the involved Oasis Parcs resort, unless the legal booker is acting on attorney on behalf of other persons. The confirmation/invoice needs to be checked immediately for accuracy upon receipt. Possible or claimed errors must always be made in writing, no later than 10 days after the date you receive the confirmation/invoice and prior to the beginning of the stay. If you are not in the possession of the confirmation/invoice after 10 days, without these you can’t claim the reservation, you should contact our customer service with the telephone number as stated on the Oasis Parcs website, as soon as possible. 2.3. The agreement between the booker and the involved Oasis Parcs resort concerns the rental of accommodations, services, activities and / or facilities and is by its nature of short duration. 2.4. At the Oasis Parcs holiday resorts it is only allowed for the booker and those registered as companion(s) to stay in the booked accommodation, unless the legal booker is acting on attorney on behalf of other persons. Furthermore, it is never allowed to stay with more people than the maximum number of people indicated by Oasis Parcs by type of accommodation. 2.5. Long-term bookings: It is possible to perform a booking for a period in which the rates have not yet been published. You will receive confirmation of the provisional booking. The deposit will be € 100, -. When the prices have been published, you will receive an updated confirmation/invoice of the final reservation. If the provisional booking is not converted into a confirmed booking the deposit will be refunded. 2.6. Oasis Parcs retains the right to terminate agreements with immediate effect, when personal information of the booker and / or its party are incomplete and / or inaccurate. In such case there will be no refund of rent or a portion thereof. 2.7. Oasis Parcs retains the right to refuse bookings, without giving any reason or to set special conditions. 3. Payments 3.1. After the booking the booker receives a confirmation email and invoice with an online payment link / instructions for a bank payment. For a booking made more than 84 days prior to the arrival, there is a deposit of at least 30% of the rent of the accommodation, services, activities and/or facilities. This deposit should be paid immediately after receipt of the confirmation/invoice, to be transferred to the bank account of Oasis Parcs stated on the invoice. The complete (100%) reservation- and insurance costs must be paid immediately. The rest amount must be paid at the latest 35 days before the arrival. When booked within 84 days of the arrival the full invoice should be paid at once upon receipt of the confirmation / invoice. After payment of the full invoice the access vouchers will be sent by mail. 3.2. If it shows upon arrival at the Oasis Parcs resort that the full amount has not yet (fully) been transferred to the bank account of Oasis Parcs, you have to pay the (remainder of the) amount at the reception of the involved Oasis Parcs resort. In the absence of a payment in accordance with the above, Oasis Parcs retains the right to deny you the access and use of the booked Oasis Parcs accommodation(s). If afterwards it turns out that there was a payment order given by you, but the amount was not yet transferred to the bank account of Oasis Parcs, the overpayment will be refunded. 3.3. In case of late and / or incomplete payment of the amounts invoiced to you, you are in negligence. At that moment, Oasis Parcs is entitled to terminate (cancel) the booking agreement unilaterally by means of a formal termination notification sent by mail or post. You are responsible for all damage Oasis Parcs thereby suffers or will suffer, including all costs Oasis Parcs has to make concerning your booking and the cancellation. In any case, you owe Oasis Parcs a cancellation fee of: 25% of the rent for booking contract termination from the 21st day before the arrival date of the stay 50% of the rent for booking contract termination from the 14th day before the arrival date of the stay 75% of the rent for booking contract termination from the 7th day before the arrival date of the stay 90% of the rent for booking contract termination from 1 day before the arrival date of the stay 100% of the rent for booking contract termination on the same day of the arrival date of the stay or in case of a ‘no show’ Already to Oasis Parcs transferred payments will be deducted from the termination fee and the compensations for any other damage. Paid booking fees and insurances are not refundable and fall outside this settlement. If nothing is yet paid, above-mentioned termination costs will be invoiced. The payment of the above-mentioned termination invoice needs to be in the possession of Oasis Parcs within 14 days after the invoice date. 4. Group Bookings and Payments 4.1. Group Bookings (like associations, schools, companies and institutions) can be made through the number stated on the Oasis Parcs website. Special conditions can be made regarding the group supervision and location of the accommodations. In some cases the purpose and/or size of the group can result that Oasis Parcs cannot accept the reservation request. The confirmation / invoice will be sent by mail and the payment should be done within 14 days (but no later than 4 days before the arrival) after the confirmation / invoice date. After payment of the full amount the access vouchers will be sent by mail. In case of incomplete payments articles 3.2 and 3.3 are valid. 5. Booking Changes 5.1. If you, after the completion of the booking, want to change the booking to another arrival and/or accommodation then Oasis Parcs is not obliged to facilitate the requested change. It is at the discretion of Oasis Parcs whether and to what extent these changes (can) be accepted. For any booking change up to 4 weeks before the date of arrival of the original booking, we charge €45,- booking change fee. This fee will not be charged if you add something to the existing booking or want to change to a more expensive period and/or accommodation type. 5.2. If you want to decrease the number of booked accommodations after the completion of the booking, the cancellation conditions of Article 12 apply. 5.3. In principle, changes 4 weeks within arrival are not permitted. In case of a booking change to a cheaper period and/or accommodation type or a (partial) cancellation within 4 weeks before the arrival, you are obliged to pay the original invoiced booking amount. 5.4. Oasis Parcs retains the right to offer you an alternative equivalent accommodation in the booked Oasis Parcs resort. If such a circumstance arises, Oasis Parcs will inform you as soon as possible. 6. Substitution 6.1. The booker and companion(s) are not allowed to transfer the booking under any name whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever to anyone other than to the involved booker and companion(s), unless otherwise agreed with Oasis Parcs in writing. 6.2. If the booker and Oasis Parcs have agreed that the booker and/or one or more of the companions are to be replaced, then the original booker stays liable for the payment of the of the Oasis Parcs owed accommodation rent, extra booked services, booking change fee and any additional costs resulting from the replacement and any cancellation to Oasis Parcs. 7. Prices 7.1. The prices published by Oasis Parcs are not binding. Oasis Parcs retains the right to change prices and/or charge a surtax, for example as a result of (but not limited to) a change in energy prices. Oasis Parcs retains the right to change the discount rules and regulations. In the bookings process you will be informed of the actual prices. The price on the confirmation / invoice is binding. Price discounts and/or special offers cannot be used after the confirmation / invoice is sent by Oasis Parcs. 7.2. The booker owes Oasis Parcs the booked rent, reservation fee, tourist taxes, other additional services, activities and /or facilities, as stated in the booking confirmation and invoice. All prices are including VAT where applicable, unless otherwise stated. 7.3. In the accommodation price is included (unless stated otherwise): a) VAT under the VAT directives of the country of destination. b) The rental of fully furnished accommodation for the number of persons specified in the reservation. c) Parking place for one car (if applicable) d) Water, electricity and gas (in normal use) e) Free access to the central swimming pool (when present) 7.4. Not included in the accommodation price is (unless stated otherwise): a) Local taxes. b) Bed linen, towel package, kitchen package, basic service package. Bed linens and end cleaning are obligatory. Bed linens will be charged according to the number of guests (see article 12.10). Depending on the involved Oasis Parcs and the type of accommodation, these service items need to be booked as optional extra service. c) Facilities & activities at the resort. d) Oasis Parcs resort specific services. e) Pets: there is an Oasis Parcs resort specific supplement for pets f) Special preference costs for a booking with a special preferred accommodation location at the involved Oasis Parcs resort. g) Insurance premiums. h) End cleaning of the accommodation i) Made up beds and renewal of towel & kitchen package 8. Pets 8.1. Depending on the accommodation, up to one pet of the booker and / or party is allowed per accommodation by Oasis Parcs (unless stated otherwise). If you and/or your party wish to bring pets, you should report this immediately during the booking and upon arrival at the resort. Oasis Parcs reserves the right to refuse pets in the resort without reason. 8.2. Pets result in extra cleaning and are charged per night. 8.3. For the transport of animals to countries within the EU, it is obliged to have a passport and vaccination booklet, according to the European model (as of July 3, 2004). The animals must be vaccinated against rabies and identification through a chip or tattoo is required. You are responsible for having the right travel documents for your destination. 8.4. Pets have no access to water features, pools, restaurants, indoor central facilities and other public places in the resort (unless otherwise stated). Pets must be leashed outside the accommodation at all times. Instructions on site must be followed. The pets must not disturb the other guests. 8.5. Exotic animals, fighting and guard dogs are prohibited. Pets of visitors are not allowed. 9. Reservation fee 9.1. The reservation fee is included in the price for the German and the UK market. For all other markets, the reservation fee is not included. 10. Arrival and departure 10.1. A deposit may be requested upon arrival. 10.2. The booked accommodation can be checked-in from 16:00 on the agreed day of arrival as stated on the confirmation of the reservation. On the agreed day of departure as shown on the confirmation of the reservation the accommodation must be departed before 10:00 (unless stated otherwise). 10.3. Check-in procedure: booker reports to the check-in desk of the reception building at the resort and presents a valid identification, access voucher and / or booking and payment of possible outstanding invoice amount to gain access to the booked accommodation on the resort. 10.4. Outside the specified holiday periods, there is a minimum of 2 nights booking. 10.5. During the summer school holidays, as defined by each resort, there is a minimum booking period of 1 week from Saturday to Saturday (unless stated otherwise). 10.6. If you wish to extend the agreement with Oasis Parcs for longer than the agreed duration and Oasis Parcs agrees, Oasis Parcs is always entitled to designate a different accommodation. 10.7. If the use of the accommodation is terminated before the agreed date, as stated on the confirmation of the reservation, the booker is not entitled to reimbursement of (part of) the rent and/or any other costs. If you have a cancellation insurance and you meet the conditions imposed by the insurance company, you can file a claim directly at the involved insurance company as a result from finishing your stay earlier. 11. Cancellations 11.1. If a reservation is cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged. It is recommended to have a cancellation insurance. For conditions and details, please go to www.oasisparcs.nl. You can safeguard yourselves against the cost of cancellation. At Oasis Parcs the following cancellation rules do apply: 25% of the invoice amount from the 21st day before the arrival date of the stay 50% of the invoice amount from the 14th day before the arrival date of the stay 75% of the invoice amount from the 7th day before the arrival date of the stay 90% of the invoice amount from 1 day before the arrival date of the stay 100% of the invoice amount on the same day of the arrival date of the stay or in case of a ‘no show’ In case of premature termination of the stay, the full invoice amount. 11.2. The payment of cancellation fee, specified in 11.1, needs to be in the possession of Oasis Parcs within 14 days after the invoice date. Paid reservation fee and insurance are not refundable. 11.3. If you have not arrived within 24 hours after the agreed date without further notice, this will be considered as a ‘no show’ or cancellation. 12. House rules and regulations 12.1. In order to ensure an enjoyable stay for all guests at Oasis Parcs, all guests must adhere to the (behavioural) rules, established in the house rules and pool regulations (if applicable). The house rules and pool regulations are available at the front desk of the resort. In violation of the house rules, pool regulations and/or failure to follow instructions of the personnel by the booker and/or its party, Oasis Parcs retains the right to remove the booker and its party immediately from the involved Oasis Parcs accommodation and resort, without refund of rent or any part thereof. 12.2. In accordance with the local regulations, if so requested, you are obliged to identify yourself at check-in. If the guests cannot show any ID, Oasis Parcs retains the right to decide not to accommodate the guests. 12.3. Each accommodation may only be occupied by the maximum people specified by Oasis Parcs for that relevant accommodation. 12.4. Oasis Parcs retains the right to make changes in the design and opening of the (central) facilities in the Oasis Parcs resort. There is no right to any compensation. Oasis Parcs points out to (potential) bookers that it is possible that maintenance is performed at the resort during a stay, hereby the booker is not entitled to any compensation. 12.5. If the on-site restaurant, bar and room rental companies provide you with catering services at the resort or trade agreements, the Uniform Conditions apply to these services. A copy of these conditions is available on request at the reception of the resort (depending on the country). 12.6. Children under 12 are not allowed to use both, the central pool and the property private pool without adult supervision. Parents and / or guardians must ensure that children who cannot swim wear armbands and/or swim jackets. An adult should always be in the immediate neighbourhood. Swimming in lakes, ponds and the sea, which are located on the park, is not allowed, unless otherwise indicated. 12.7. For safety & hygiene reasons it is not allowed to smoke in the accommodations (unless mentioned differently). 12.8. For safety reasons it is not allowed to post tents near the accommodation or at the resort. 12.9. The booker must leave the accommodation at the checkout as follows: no dirty dishes, dish washer emptied, bedding removed and folded, garbage bag in the container. 12.10. The booker and companions are obliged to hire Oasis Parcs bed linen and pay for end cleaning. 12.11. If the resort management has the serious suspicion that the tenant of a property acts in violation of the law and / or public order and / or morality, the resort management is authorized to access the booker’s property. 13. Internet 13.1. Depending on the property, Oasis Parcs provides the booker and/or its party access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi or wired network. 13.2. The booker is responsible for the proper use of the Internet as well as the necessary hardware and software configuration, peripherals and connections to support them and measurements to protect computer or operating system. 13.3. Oasis Parcs is not liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet or as a result of faults in the network. 13.4. The booker and party should behave as a responsible and careful internet user, as may be expected. He will refrain from behaviour which harms other Internet users or where damage to Oasis Parcs is caused, in the broadest sense of the word. 13.5. Any evidence or suspicion of nuisance of third parties and/or (other) internet abuse by the booker and/or its companions gives Oasis Parcs the right, without further notice, to block access to the Internet. 13.6. The booker shall indemnify Oasis Parcs against third party claims to Oasis Parcs for compensation of damage that these third parties encounter, insofar as it is based on the Internet use by the bookers and its companions. 14. Liability 14.1. Oasis Parcs and the involved Oasis Parcs resort are not liable for a) theft (including from accommodation and pool lockers) and loss or damage to property or its people, of whatever nature, during or following a stay in one of our Oasis Parcs resorts and b) breaking down or disabling of technical equipment and the failure or closure of facilities in the resort. 14.2. The booker and its companions are jointly and individually liable for all loss and/or damage to Oasis Parcs management, the involved Oasis Parcs resort, the accommodation (including inventory) and/or any third party, as a direct or indirect result of their stay, regardless whether this was caused by acts or omissions by themselves, or by third parties who are under booker and/or its companions invitation at the Oasis Parcs resort, as well as any damage caused by any animal and/or other case which are under responsibility of the booker and/or its companions. Any damage should be reported to the local resort management and reimbursed immediately on the spot. 14.3. You indemnify Oasis Parcs and the Oasis Parcs resorts from all claims in respect of damage to third parties arising from any act or omission of yourself, your companions and any other user who are with your permission at the involved Oasis Parc resort. 14.4. When not using or leaving the holiday accommodation properly, including but not limited to excessive dirt, additional (cleaning) costs are passed, which you are required to pay immediately. 14.5. Oasis Parcs is not responsible for any defects in the service or services provided by third parties. 15. Odds 15.1. In the case Oasis Parcs is (temporarily) unable to perform the agreement in whole or in part in case of odds, Oasis Parcs will notify the booker within 14 days after it became aware of the impossibility to fulfil the agreement and will propose a change for another accommodation/other period. 15.2. Odds arise for Oasis Parcs if the performance of the agreement in whole or in part, whether or not temporarily, is prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Oasis Parcs, including (but not limited to), threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, flood and other disruptions or events. 15.3. The booker is entitled to reject the proposed booking change. If you want to reject the change, then you must inform Oasis Parcs about the rejection in writing by mail or post, within 14 days of receipt of the proposed booking change. In that case Oasis Parcs has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. You are then entitled to remission and/or return of (the already paid part of) the invoice amount. Oasis Parcs will not be bound to pay any damages. 16. Complaints 16.1. Despite the care and effort of Oasis Parcs, you can have a legitimate complaint regarding your holiday. First, you should report this complaint to the resort management in order to give them opportunity to solve it immediately. If the complaint is not handled to your satisfaction, you have opportunity to submit your complaint to Oasis Parcs in writing latest 1month after leaving the accommodation, quoting reservation number, name and address, date of stay, resort name and property number. 16.2. The complaint will be handled with the greatest care. If even this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, you have the opportunity to submit your complaint to the competent court according to law. 17. Passport, tolls, foreign exchange and health provisions 17.1. The booker and its party are responsible for organizing traveling to and from Oasis Parcs resort. Any necessary passports, visas, foreign exchange and health statements are the responsibility of the booker and its companions. Oasis Parcs accepts no liability for the consequences arising from not being in possession of the correct travel documents. Negligence in this area is not a valid reason to terminate the agreement between the booker and Oasis Parcs. 18. Personal 18.1. All data you provided during your booking and stay might be collected in a database. The database will be used for our customer administration. This data can also be used to display targeted Oasis Parcs information and offers. To use this information and these offers as much as possible and tailor to your interest, we can combine our data with databases of other companies. 18.2. At your request we will correct your data, add, delete, or block, for example, if the data are factually incorrect. This may mean that you cannot use (part of) our services any more. You have the right to request your processed information related to you. 18.3. If you do not wish to receive information or offers of Oasis Parcs, please let us know in writing via Oasis Parcs. 19. Photos and videos 19.1. If either a booker and/or its party and/or visitor accidentally stands on a photo and/or video that was recorded for an image in an Oasis Parcs publication and/or displayed on Oasis Parcs website, it will be assumed that the person gave his/her consent to the use of the photo and/or video in the publication and/or website suspected, even if he/she is recognizable in the photo and/or video. The images of the Parcs Oasis publications and Internet websites cannot be held. 20. General 20.1. Your contract party for Oasis Parcs Les Jardins is SARL Euro Quality Trading 1, 85180 Le Château d’Olonne 28 Rue du Pré Etienne, France. Your contract party for Oasis Parcs Coral Estate is Oasis Parcs Rentals, Coral Estate Rif Sint Marie la Puerta Business Center, Curaçao. Correspondence should be directed to the Oasis Parcs reservation centre at reservations@oasisparcs.com or via postal address Oasis Parcs, Aert van Nesstraat 45, 3012 CA Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These General Conditions apply to all bookings made directly or indirectly to Parcs Oasis. The content of our publications are subject to change. Obvious printing errors are not binding. This latter publication replaces all previous publications. The relationship resulting from these General Conditions, is governed exclusively by Dutch law. Disputes arising on the basis of what these conditions regulate, will therefore be submitted to a competent court in Rotterdam.

Note: It is advisable to arrange insurance against cancellation of your holiday.