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IT MAY all be a dismal failure, but at least no one can say I haven't tried. Even after nearly 22 years of living in the Deep South of France there are Brit things I still cling to. Like rhubarb crumble, mmmm. Le crumble exists as a term in France, but it's nothing like the rich, crisp and oaty topping, melding and melting into that delectably doughy mix where it meets and mingles with the lightly sweetened stewed rhubarb beneath, a marriage made in heaven. And for me, at any rate, custard completes this gorgeous ménage à trois. But beware! Custard in France masquerades as crème anglaise, English cream (as if!) but don't be deceived by this unconvincing alias: crème anglaise is gruel-thin, over-sweet, generally miserable and - crime of crimes - served cold. Gadz! as the kids I used to teach in NE Scotland would say when faced with anything particularly unpalatable.

The ferry that operates between Newhaven and Le Havre is a seasonal one only. Between May and September, Transmanche Ferries charter their vessel The Seven Sisters to make a crossing every day to provide more choice and added convenience to their customers in the summer months. There are however regular ferry services from Portsmouth to Le Havre that run all year.

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Guide to taking a ferry to France with Transmanche Ferries

The Transmanche Ferries service is operated by LD Lines under its own banner and Transmanche Ferries.

The fleet is exclusively composed of new or modern ships, delivering the highest technical standards and offering an excellent level of comfort. All ships are equipped with effective stabilization systems allowing them to guarantee you a quick and pleasant crossing whatever the season.

Transmanche Ferries offer an all year ferry service between Newhaven and Dieppe which operates with two comfortable and modern vessels, the Seven Sisters and the Côte d’Albâtre.