French Connections

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  • Memorial in France

    Sixty five years ago, on March 10 1944, seven young men assembled in the evening twilight for an important mission. They were tasked to fly a Stirling Bomber across to France and to drop seventeen containers to the Resistance. They were all members of 90 Squadron based at Tuddenham Airfield in Suffolk, near Bury St Edmonds.

  • To Mourn a Nightingale.

    April has to be one of my favourite months in the Bourgogne. It is when the “beautiful days” start in earnest, when the Nightingales return and when the colsa is flowering. It is when I do things that many people will regard as being rather strange, such as sitting outside at four thirty in the morning, with a tray of tea, listening to a dozen Nightingales singing their predawn territorial chorus from across the river in front of my house.