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  • Memorial in France

    Sixty five years ago, on March 10 1944, seven young men assembled in the evening twilight for an important mission. They were tasked to fly a Stirling Bomber across to France and to drop seventeen containers to the Resistance. They were all members of 90 Squadron based at Tuddenham Airfield in Suffolk, near Bury St Edmonds.

  • Remembering some of the 'Few'.

    Well, the 8th of May has come around once again and so 'Les Tricolores' have been unfurled on all the monuments in the villages and towns, and preparations made for celebrating the end of the Second World War in France.

    This has been one of those "come and go" celebrations in France where it was somewhat difficult to find sufficient veterans with genuine links to the Resistance to stand in front of the memorials while the National Anthem was played.

    I say "come and go" because various politicians have had a hand in changing the dates and meanings of these celebrations in order to pander to different sectors of the community.


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