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  • Adventures in Brittany

    This time next week I shall be exploring new French territory for me – the land and seascape of Brittany.This time next week I shall be exploring new French territory for me – the land and seascape of Brittany. Another first is my method of travel, as I’m going with a friend in her camper van, the whimsically named Mazda Bongo. Our adventure has been easy to organise. We booked a crossing overnight from Portsmouth to Le Havre and searched this site for Brittany B&Bs and hotels on a map. We’ll use those for overnight stops and our home on wheels for lunch and tea breaks. We’ve driven through France together before and know that my friend is good at route planning and navigation while I’m more confident at speaking French - and that we both like markets, harbours, churches, views and history, so we’re optimistic that all will be well. Luckily, we also both love French food and wine! I really enjoy Cornwall so I’m sure I’ll appreciate the rocky coastline and wide open spaces, the sense of an ancient land whose spirit and traditions survive. Our ultimate destination is the medieval town of Vannes and the prehistory of Carnac, with its miles of standing stone and Megalithic wonders. Carnac is on the Golfe de Morbihan, which boasts gorgeous islands, wild beaches, a seabird sanctuary and a mild micro-climate. Brittany, here we come!
  • Oyster shells on Locmariaquer beach Photo Friday 24 September 2010

    In the mild micro-climate of Brittany’s Morbihan Gulf, oysters have been cultivated for over a hundred years.

  • The magical land of Morbihan, Brittany


    Our region of the month is the Morbihan department in southern Brittany, a charmed mix of coastline, countryside and ancient history. With its gentle, sunny micro-climate, clear light, sandy beaches, pretty villages and towns, this is a great holiday area for families, foodies, lovers of ancient history, artists and those who like messing about in boats.

    The countryside is peaceful and the coastline is beautifully varied and sheltered, with a wealth of inlets and islets. You’ll find plenty of white-washed houses, sailing yachts, leisure craft and excellent food and drink, especially oysters.The Gulf of Morbihan is a lovely area of oyster beds, sea birds, coastal paths, yacht harbours and pine-lined beaches and the Pointe d’Arradon is known as the Riviera of the Gulf.

    This is, too, a magical ancient land of dolmens, menhirs and standing stones, most spectacularly around Locmariaquer and the small town of Carnac, which has thousands of standing stone is spectacular rowws – ‘les alignements’.

    Morbihan’s main towns include Lorient and its regional centre is the medeival city of Vannes. Here you’ll find fish and vegetable markets, Roman walls and well kept gardens, a Gothic cathedral, café-lined squares and superbly conserved timber framed houses. Vannes holds a jazz festivalthis month from 25 – 31 July.

    We have a good range of holiday lets in Morbihan, some that still have summer availability. Also properties for sale. One holiday home and two houses for sale are featured in the current issue of French Property News magazine, in a three page article that highlights the houses and lifestyle of the Brittany area through French Connections properties. Read the article here.

  • The megalithic stones at Carnac in Brittany. Photo Friday 24th April 2010.

    The Carnac stones are an exceptional collection of megalithic sites around the French village of Carnac, in Brittany.