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  • Euro Exchange rate best for 7 years. France is fantastic value!














    Holidays in France just got cheaper for anyone living in Britain as the exchange rate for the Pound Sterling to Euro climbed to a 7-year high today.

    Using our currency comparison tool (see link below), today’s best rate offers 1.3224 euros to £1, so £500 buys 661.2 euros. Order a three-course set menu meal for 20 euros at a delightful French bistro and at that rate you would be paying the equivalent of just over £15.

    The difference in the amount of spending money you’re likely to need for food and drink, petrol, activities and fun shopping is obvious. Even accommodation is cheaper right now if priced in euros. But one happy fact remains exactly the same – and that is the excellent value of B&Bs and holiday rentals in France, regardless of exchange rates.

    We have a great choice of countryside B&Bs with comfortable double rooms from as little as £37 per night – all offering a richer, more authentic experience than budget travel hotels. If you prefer a luxury self-contained one-bedroom gite with kitchen, that can be booked for around £45 per night.

    A week’s holiday in one of the two bedroom self-catering cottages on offer from our owners starts at only £165 per week. For a family of four, that’s just £6 each per night! Even a luxury villa with fantastic facilities and a private swimming pool costs a lot less than the equivalent in Spain and other European destinations. Bonnes vacances!

  • Exchange rate reaches 1.2 euros to the pound

    Travellers to France can get a healthy 10% more spending power for their holiday money over last summer, as the currency settled yesterday at 1.2 euros to the pound, making a euro just about 85 penceTravellers to France can get a healthy 10% more spending power for their holiday money over last summer, as the currency settled yesterday at 1.2 euros to the pound, making a euro just about 85 pence. For the last year, the difference between the euro and pound has been lower than ever before and at times close to parity, but rates have now improved just in time for the summer holiday season and it's now possible to buy 500 euros for as little as £419. I can't help thinking about the excellent lunch I recently enjoyed at Au Relais des Cyclistes, a really French restaurant just off the harbour in Honfleur. The menu du jour was 12.99 euros and I tucked into a smoked fish with salad starter followed by steak and chips with roast vegetables and topped off with a chocolate fondant in creme anglaise. At today's rates that lunch would cost around £11. Who said France isn't excellent value - and when can I go back?
  • Exchange Rates make French Holidays more affordable

    The pound has recently reached a new 19 month high against the Euro, making holiday spending on the continent even more affordable for British holidaymakers.Due to concerns amongst investors about the health of the European banking sector, the pound is now worth 1.23 euros, its highest level since November 2008. This also represents a 16% increase in value compared to the 12 month low of 1.06 euros in October 2009. Currency experts are predicting that the pound could continue to strengthen against the Euro until at least September, when European banks will be reporting on the state of their finances. The pound has also strengthened as a result of the latest round of austerity measures announced by the new coalition government. This is all good news for money saving holidaymakers travelling to the eurozone this summer, and especially France where travel costs can also be much lower than other destinations further afield.
  • More euros to the pound - more to spend in France!

    The exchange rate for British sterling to euros has gone above 1.2 for the first time in eighteen months. This summer, holidaymakers are getting more euros for their pound than in the whole of last season. At French Connections we allow you to find and order the best deal on euros for your holiday to France with the MyTravelMoney currency comparison tool – and at the best of today’s rates £500 will buy 614 euros.

    A holiday rental in France already offers great value per person, with lots of space, privacy and freedom to relax in your own surroundings. Now eating out will cost less and you can indulge in just a bit more of that bargain local wine and luscious fresh food from the market. Exchange at the best rates and a 50 euro meal will cost £40.

    And it’s not too late to book a fantastic value week in France this summer to take advantage of the exchange rates.

    For example, for the last week of July, a couple can stay at the Petit Clementstudio gite in the south of France, near Carcasonne, for just £299 for seven nights. It’s in a beautiful collection of converted mill houses that nestles in a private, peaceful wooded valley with its own trout stream and large swimming pool.

    Closer to home, in Normandy, a family of up to five can stay for the same week at the two bedroom apartment at La Rosiere for just £340. This traditional Normandy house is set in the quiet village of Beaubec La Rosiere and has countryside views from all sides over the tranquil and peaceful surroundings with cows, horses and donkeys grazing in the fields.

    There are lots more bargains to be had in our last minute dealsand special offers on holidays to France

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