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  • How to feel at home in Paris

    Oh, the pleasures of Paris….dozens of scintillating memories flood back. The frilly lights of Pont Neuf twinkling across the Seine, Rodin’s tour de force sculptures, the view from the steps of Montmartre, crepes on the roof of the Beaubourg, boats on the pond at Jardins de Luxembourg. Not forgetting the ongoing dream of a Valentine’s Day surprise trip.

    Makes me want to be there right now, but from the moment I disembark the sleek Eurostar at Gare du Nord, I’d want to fit right in as a temporary Parisienne, not stand out like a tourist, especially at this time of year. So, what to do? Think formal - or at least chic casual.

    This would be a good opportunity to wear my nicest clothes, especially a stylish coat and boots, even if they have flat heels for comfort. A trendy bag would complete the look. I’d certainly never insult the city and its people by wearing trainers to walk those stylish streets. Evenings would be another chance to dress up a bit, even if it’s only some nice jewellery on that favourite little black dress.

  • I'd rather be in Paris...

    When a young lady of my acquaintance recently turned 18, her dad asked where she would like to go for a celebratory trip. Her immediate answer was Paris. When friends wanted a romantic weekend for their 30th wedding anniversary, their choice too was – Paris. The city of light is irresistible to all ages and outlooks. Everyone can find beauty, entertainment, adventure, history and unforgettable food to satisfy their longing for the romance and fun of this great city.

    In the run up to Christmas, the city basks in even more light than usual, with street decorations and illuminations, shops stuffed with goodies, an air of anticipation and several enticing Paris Christmas markets. Don't you want to be there right now?