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  • A Few tips for the new President

    I was rather hoping that Nicolas Sarkozy might appoint a Brit to his new cabinet. It is true that his Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, is married to a woman born in Wales, speaks English and has even passed several days as a fly on the wall observer in Downing Street to absorb Anglo-Saxon attitudes...

  • Back to School

    I have just survived the most trying month of the year in France. September is not all balmy evenings and rosé wine...

  • Can Sarko change the French?

    I dread Tuesdays. It is the day that my daughter Olivia comes home from school with a poem that she has to learn off by heart. She normally has until Friday to get it right and so for the following days the poem is with us wherever we go. She recites it in the car, at breakfast, at the playground. By Friday her younger siblings can recite it, even the cat purrs along.

  • The Sarko Show

    There is slightly more spring in the short step of Nicolas Sarkozy on the eve of Christmas. The latest episode in what is known in France as the “Sarko Show” has captivated the nation...


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