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Château de Josselin

The vast fortress of Josselin, built in 11th century, was rebuilt by Olivier de Clisson in 14th century. This is one of the very rare Breton chateaux still owned by descendants of the great Olivier de Clisson, one of the most feared knights in Breton history, who also became leader of the French army.

This many towered chateau stands on the banks of the Nantes Brest canal - although you should be warned that in some places the wall appears very low with rather a long drop on the outside!  Keep hold of your children's hands.

You can get a guided tour of the ground floor of the chateau - given once a day in English during the summer.  The Tourist Information Office is just outside the entrance to the chateau.


Josselin is 45 miles west of Rennes and 53 miles east of Lorient.




Tel: +33 (0)2 97 22 22 50

Address: Château de Josselin, 56120, Josselin