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Château de Kerguéhennec

Chateau de Kergehennec, also known as the Parc de Sculptures, is supposed to be one of the best selections of modern sculpture in France, but these pale into insignificance compared with the magnificent scenery and walks.

Château de Kerguéhennec covers hundreds of acres and is laid out like a British Country House (jardin anglais), with two large lakes, woodland walks with vistas back to the chateau, and an arboretum containing labelled specimens of trees.

The Chateau is open to the public in summer, with the ground floor and kitchens housing a display of how the Chateau would have looked at its height, and the first floor housing a modern art exhibition.  The old outbuildings house a café which does snacks and light lunches, and further art exhibitions.

You can take the family and picnic beside the lake, where you can see herons, grebe, spoonbills, egrets, hobby hawking dragonflies over the water, buzzards, mallard, kingfishers and if you are lucky, otters or coypu in the little river beside the lake.

The Chateau was a centre of french Royalist Resistance during and after the Revolution (led by the man known as the King of Bignan), and legend has it that there are still caches to be found of arms and amunition, or even of gold delivered by the English to aid the Chouans!  If you look on the old mill at the far end of the lake, you can find all manner of strange carvings on the doorways, that may or may not indicate where the gold is hidden.