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Rouen Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen)

Rouen Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral in Rouen, in north-western France. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Rouen. The cathedral gained artistic fame as the subject of Monet's famous studies of light.

The main door, Porte Central, is embellished with sculptures (some decapitated) depicting the Tree of Jesus. The 12th-century Porte St-Jean and Porte St-Etienne flank it.

Consecrated in 1063, the cathedral, a symphony of lacy stonework, was reconstructed after suffering damage in World War II. Two towers distinguish it: Tour de Beurre containing a carillon of 56 bells and the Tour Lanterne (Lantern Tower) - built in 1877 and utilizing 740 tons of iron and bronze - rises to almost 150m (492 ft.).

Rouen Cathedral contains a tomb of Richard the Lion Heart which contains his heart. Richard's effigy is on top of the tomb, and his name is inscribed in Latin on the side. Rouen Cathedral was the tallest building in the world (151 m) from 1876 to 1880.






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Address: Place de la Cathédrale, Rouen