French Connections

Find Holiday accommodation in France

1. Tell us a bit about you; Who you are, where you come from, etc?
We are originally from the Uk and we are parents, grandparents and great grand parents.
2. How long have you owned this property and why did you buy it?
We bought this place 16 years ago as a shell. It was an old tobacco curing barn with earth floors, stone walls the roof & not much else, but we liked it the first time we saw it and decided to buy and renovate it as our dream place where we could build from scratch just as we wanted. After lots and lots of ups and downs and spending far more than we ever thought we are delighted to have some beautiful gites and a comfortable bijou home just next door.

3. If there is one bit of advice you could give to other French Connection owners, what would it be?
Advice we would give others is to have a realistic budget but build in a significant contingency and try to gather a list of trusted artisans from others who have been on the journey.

4. Is there one bit of positive feedback from your renters that you hear over and over again?
As regards feedback my wife Megan always provides home made items in our welcome pack and without fail guests drool over and comment on the Lemon drizzle cake.

5. What is your favourite thing about French culture; food, wine, countryside etc?
Our favourite things about France are - slower pace of life and family time importance no light pollution and great starry skies coupled with the peace and quiet.

6. What is your favourite feature of your property?
Our favourite feature at the property is the large kitchen/diner.