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Setting your availability dates is vital to ensure that you get the maximum exposure. Read on to find out how to set up your availability dates online and get more exposure. 

Updating your Availability

Setting your availability dates is VITAL to ensure that you get the maximum exposure

Our new PROPERTY AVAILABILITY CALENDAR was introduced due to strong demand from holiday-makers and property owners to include this function in the new website but it is essential that you take responsibility for updating the information or your property will not be selected in relevant searches.

We have checked our enquiry statistics and clients who have recorded their availability receive far more enquiries than those who do not.

Your property will only appear in date based search results entered by holiday-makers, where your AVAILABLE dates correspond to their requested dates.

To update your availability calender please follow this step by step guide now to ensure that your property is always selected in the relevant searches.

Go to www.frenchconnections.co.uk


1. Click the tab at the top marked For Property Owners

2. Enter your login name and password in the registered owner section

3. Click submit and you will enter the owners area (figure 1).

Figure 1

Availability Faq 1

Click on the word Availability

  • If you have more than one letting unit on a page you can choose which to update on the next screen (select your property from the drop down list) otherwise you will go straight into the update screen (figure 2)


Figure 2

Availability Faq2

The availability screen as it appears for the first time with no entries


Figure 3

Availability Faq3

Entering the dates


1. Set your changeover day to the correct day or not applicable if appropriate (see figure 1)

2. Set your complete letting period to available and click update

3. Now set a booked period to unavailable in the same way that you set your complete letting period to available above. Remember to use 'night of' dates ie Saturday night to Friday night if your changeover day is Saturday

4. Click update and the screen will update to show your booked period.

5. Repeat for other booked periods clicking update after each date is entered. If you make a mistake just enter it again and click update.


Figure 4

Availability Faq4

The chart after some booked periods have been entered


Your update is now complete. You will be able to view your chart immediately by viewing your web page but please note the wording in red above figure 4. The changes will take an hour or so to reflect in any date based searches as these are updated periodically not immediately.

Please remember to update your dates regularly.

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