French Connections

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Online display advertising on French Connections, most commonly in the form of banner advertising, can place your brand in front of a highly motivated audience of high quality consumers.

French Connections is one of the leading French travel websites. Launched in 1996, it now attracts over 1.4 million page impressions every month.

A range of advertising opportunities are available from low cost ways to expose a niche business to widespread high profile campaigns aimed at the consumer travel and holiday market.

For more information on advertising opportunities for your brand or to request a media pack email our marketing team.

Reach a Quality Consumer Audience

French Connections can deliver a quality consumer audience for your brand:

  • Affluent mature consumers and influential urban professionals
  • Frequent travellers taking several holidays a year
  • Respond positively to well known brands
  • Heavy internet users
  • Over 60% of visitors are ABC1 (Source: Hitwise)

Banner Advertising Options

Banner adverts can be a highly effective way of raising brand awareness amongst your target audience as part of an online marketing or wider advertising campaign. We offer banner adverts in key locations across the site which can be targeted to a granular level using keyword matching, or booked for run of site as part of a high profile burst campaign. We can also provide frequency capping and full reporting.

Sponsored Content Options

For specialist marketing partners who offer a relevant product or service to our audience we can create new custom content on your topic or allow sponsorship of existing content on our site.

Sponsored Email Options

We send regular emails to our extensive opt in database of subscribers and holiday property enquiries. Reach our responsive audience with banner adverts or featured offers on our regular emails, or standalone branded solus emails for your product or service.

For a full media pack or tailored suggestions for a campaign to promote your brand on French Connections, please contact us.