French Connections

Travelling to France for your holiday really is as simple as it seems. France is just 21 miles away across the channel, allowing you to make the hop by ferry, train, tunnel or plane. And the transport system within France is superb with a great choice of autoroutes, TGV high speed train lines and regional airlines to speed you towards your holiday destination.

Autoroutes are at the heart of the French road network. Autoroutes are the French equivalent of motorways, but rather than being owned by the government and paid for by taxes, are owned by different companies, who charge vehicles a toll. If you are going on a long journey you can expect to pay a number of tolls.  While most autoroutes are toll roads, a few are free, particularly in the Brittany region where most of the autoroutes still belong to the government. The speed limit on a French motorway for a car is 80mph (130 km/h) in dry conditions, changing to 68mph (110 km/h) when wet.  

France by Ferry

There are a wide range of ferry routes available to get you and your car to France from ports situated along the south coast of England, including Dover, Portsmouth and Plymouth. 

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A vehicle breakdown can be very stressful at the best of times, but a breakdown abroad could be a nightmare. That's why you should consider getting breakdown cover.

Travel Money

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With the boom in cheap flights, flying to France has never been more affordable. With many regional airports in France, there's a good possibility your destination will be within reach.

Trains in France

For a more relaxing and environmentally friendly form of travel for you and your family, book tickets for Eurostar, TGV, SNCF, Motorail and Snow Train services.