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Aurelia Sarlat - Printable booking form

Print this form, fill it in and post to the address supplied by the property owner/manager.

Full name:
Home telephone: Mobile telephone:
Fax: Email:
Arrival date: Departure date:
Adults: Children:
Names of other party members:
(please give ages of children)

I am authorised to make this booking on behalf of my party. I am over 18 years of age.

I enclose a non-refundable deposit of £______, being 40% of the total holiday cost. I agree to pay the balance of £______ plus a refundable damage deposit of 500, 6 weeks before arrival before the holiday start date. (If booking less than 6 weeks before arrival weeks prior to the holiday start date the full amount should be enclosed.)


Rental and Payment Conditions France Villa


  • If you book a holidayhome where FranceVilla acts as the Intermediary, you agree to the Conditons mentioned in this Rental and Payment Conditions document, unless otherwise agreed.
  • FranceVilla has the right to book the holiday-home in agreement with the owner or manager on the spot
  • FranceVilla is obliged, by contract, to supply the client with the holiday home, in accordance to the description made by FranceVilla

    Article 1 – Definitions

    Explanation of the terms used in these general conditions concerning rental and reservation:


    FranceVilla: FranceVilla is part from Mennmore Int. BV, registered at the Chamber of Commerce, South West of the Netherlands No. 58425543 and based at Spekdam 23 , 4484DD Kortgene, Netherlands

    Accommodation: Accommodation offered for rental in the name of the owner by FranceVilla for recreational purposes.

    Rental Agreement: Contract between the owner and tenants for accommodation offered for rental by FranceVilla where FranceVilla acts as the intermediary.

    Tenant: Person(s) who rent accommodation from FranceVilla or have the intention to do so

    Co-Tenant: Person(s) who accompany the tenant in the same accommodation

    Owner: Legal owner(s), or representative, of the rental accommodation 

    Manager: Person designated by the owner to manage the property and carry out relevant duties concerning that property

    Rent: Rental price of the accommodation

    Total Amount: Rent plus any other extra amounts due to the owner or to FranceVilla

    Written Communication/announcement: Messages sent either by post or via email


    Article 2 – Application of Rental and Reservation Conditions

    The conditions concerning rental and reservation are applied to all proposals, offers, contracts and services provided from, with and through the intermediance of FranceVilla. These conditions concerning rental and reservation are specifically applied to (rental) agreements made by FranceVilla between the Tenant and owner.

    Other conditions are applicable only after a written acceptance from FranceVilla. Actions and/or verbal agreements by employees of FranceVilla which run contrary to the general conditions are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing.


    Article 3 – Nature of the contract

    FranceVilla acts as an intermediary to help facilitate the signing of the rental agreement between the owner and tenant.

    FranceVilla is not however party to the contract. Rental agreements are being closed between the Tenant and Owner.

    Reservation of accommodation can either be made by internet or by telephone.

    If making a reservation by internet, the contract will be confirmed by email by FranceVilla on receipt of the completed reservation form.

    If reserving by telephone, the contract will be finalised only after the tenant has sent back the signed agreement via either email or written correspondence  and FranceVilla has confirmed with the tenant via email or any other written communication.

    The two methods of reservation are definitive and binding, i.e. cancellation fees (article 8) will be due in the event of cancellation,


    Article 4 - Payment

    During the 7 days following the booking date, 40% of the rental must be paid to FranceVilla. The remaining 60%, plus any extra fees/costs, must be paid to FranceVilla at least 6 weeks before the start of the rental period.

    If the booking reservation is made less than 6 weeks before the start of the proposed rental period, total payment must be made to FranceVilla within 4 days of the booking.

    If reservation is made less than a week in advance before departure, the tenant must organise an immediate bank transfer of the full amount the day of reservation, or pay using a credit card or paypal. Any extra fees incurred are payable by the tenant.

    In the case of late payment, FranceVilla will send the tenant a written demand for the sum due. If the due amount is not in FranceVilla’s possession within the following 10 days, the contract will be cancelled. FranceVilla will charge all cancellation fees stipulated in Article 8 of the payment and rental conditions.

    If, on the arrival date, FranceVilla is not in possession of the total amount due, FranceVilla has the right to stop tenant access to the accommodation, without prejudicing its rights to the full amount owed.


    Article 5 – Extra Fees

    Possible extra costs, such as the damage deposit and/or tourist tax, must be paid to the accommodation manager unless already paid directly to FranceVilla in advance.


    Article 6.1 – Use of Accommodation

    6.1 The tenant is held responsible for leaving the accommodation clean and in an undamaged state, and must respect the conditions of rental agreement as well as the rules drawn up by the owner.

    If not already collected by FranceVilla, the owner will demand a damage deposit on arrival, which can either be paid in cash, by a cheque acceptable in France or by bank transfer.


    If the tenant does not respect the rules, the owner/or FranceVilla may be obliged to ask the tenant to leave the rented accommodation. This being the case, the tenant has no right to expect back any rent or monies paid. In fact in these circumstances, the owner has the right to keep the deposit until he has covered any extra costs which may have been incurred. 



    If the accommodation is left in a good state of cleanliness* and without damage, and if the tenant has respected his obligations, the deposit will be returned to the tenant within 8 days of his departure – except where it has already agreed otherwise. The method of recompense will already have been agreed in advance with the tenant. Any possible costs of the amount to be restituted will be born by the tenant.


                    *by ‘good state of cleanliness’ the following is understood: sweep the floors; empty and take away used bin liners, packaging, removal of glass and plastic; tidy the kitchen, do the washing up and clean the barbecue.


    The number of guests admitted the rented accommodation must not exceed the number agreed. In case that you want to come with more people, you must always ask permission beforehand. If approved, it is possible that additional charges will be charged. The tenant himself needs to stay in the accommodation during the rented period, it is not allowed, without written consent of FranceVilla, to close an agreement with any other party. It is forbidden to camp in the grounds of the rented accommodation.

    If the tenant does not respect the above (even partially), the owner may terminate the contract with full rights. The tenant will not be able to claim back any rent paid or compensation. The tenant will also lose his deposit. This deposit will be retained by the owner to cover costs arising from possible damage and any loss of earning from future rental.

    The tenant will safeguard FranceVilla for all other claims resulting from the owner’s report.


    The tenant will have the status as head of the family. Damages to the property or problems with the inventory, caused by the tenant or others in his charge, have to be sorted out with the owner/manager by the end of the stay at the very latest. Tenant has the responsibility to close an insurance for damages made to other properties or to have a liability insurance. FranceVilla is not responsible for any costs/damages made by the Tenant and will not intervene for the tenant in disputes resulting from these damages.


    The tenants must not disturb their neighbours. They must respect the peace and calm of the neighbourhood. In all cases, between 23h00 and 08h00 they must respect their neighbours right to sleep. The owner/manager may add extra instructions on this subject, which must be followed by the tenant.


    For accommodation where pets or any other animals are permitted, please note that it is not permitted to allow animals on the furniture nor into bedrooms nor into the swimming pool.

    In the case where these rules are not respected, extra costs may be incurred by the tenant.


    It is not allowed to illegaly download videos or musique with the internet connexion in your holiday home. If internet access is being used for sharing  illegal downloads, you risk a fine of up to € 1,500 (€ 7,500 for legal entities). Find all relevant information on www.hadopi.fr/acces-au-formulaire-reponse-graduee-jai-recu-un-mail .


    Article 7 – Price and Price Changes

    The prices published on the website FranceVilla may, subject to technical and obvious typographical errors, be subject to change.


    Article 8 – Cancellation

    The tenant can cancel the rental contract at any moment or submit a replacement (unless the new tenant has the required age) contract on condition that it is done in writing.

    However in the case of cancellation by tenant

    FranceVilla does however reserve the right to make exceptions in favour of the tenant


    Article 9 – Termination or Modification by FranceVilla

    FranceVilla will only terminate or modify the contract in the following cases.

    [It is an extremely rare that FranceVilla feels obliged to terminate a contract due to compelling circumstances]


    If, as in the clauses mentioned above the contract is terminated, and there is no question of negligence or bad behaviour by the tenant, FranceVilla will propose an alternative accommodation in the shortest time available. If it is not possible, or if the tenant does not accept the proposed alternative accommodation, then the total amount being paid by the tenant will be reimbursed. FranceVilla will not be liable for any other losses resulting from the termination or modification of contract.


    Article 10 – Responsibility

    FranceVilla acts only as an intermediary to help facilitate the signing of the contract between the owner and tenant, and is not formally part of the contract.

    FranceVilla functions as a professional intermediate for rental of private holiday homes to tourists. FranceVilla is liable for the correct execution of your booking, except any odds, mistakes or errors on the website of FranceVilla or any other information, like mistakes in descriptions and pictures provided by the owners. The owners of these accommodations are liable for their holiday home and the rental of it. FranceVilla accepts no liability for damage occurred during the stay in the holiday home of the Tenant, in any form whatsoever. Nor is FranceVilla liable for malfunctioning of technical appliances in the accommodation, temporary or completely failure of internet and for disruptions in the accommodation and around of water and or energy suppliances, nor for any not mentioned street and or building works around the accommodation, or for annoying situations inside or outside the accommodation. On request FranceVilla will do her utter best to influence and solve the situation, but no rights can be acclaimed from it.


    If FranceVilla would be liable towards the tenant on basis of the law or otherwise, than this liability is at all times limited to the amount. The tenant shall be liable for all loss and damage to the accommodation, and responsible for the inventory. The tenant is responsible for his own actions plus the actions or negligence of others within said accommodation with the permission of the tenant. If the property is not respected,  such as leaving it in an unfit state, additional charges will be incurred by the tenant. The tenant acquits FranceVilla of all liability of a third party, included expressly the owner, included the reasonable costs of legal advice, liability  in any way in connected to intermediance of FranceVilla, unless these agreements are the consequence of gross negligence or premeditation of FranceVilla


    Article 11 – Complaints

    In the event of a complaint, the tenant must at first try to seek a solution with the help of the property manager and/or owner. If the complaint cannot be resolved on site by the manager and/or the owner, the tenant must contact FranceVilla within 24hrs.

    FranceVilla will endeavour, in so far that it is possible, to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of the tenant. Complaints raised after the rental period will not be considered. At all times, the tenant must allow FranceVilla the time to find an appropriate solution to the problem. Leaving the property early without consultation with either the manager or FranceVilla, will absolve the owner and FranceVilla from all liability for the complaint and/or any compensation.

    In the case where a complaint cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner, this must be reported to FranceVilla by letter within one week of the departure from the rented accommodation.

    France Villa will the complaint on behalf of Tenant pass on to the owner of the house. In this situation FranceVilla will get in touch with Owner and Tenant as mediator in order to attempt to achieve an amicable solution, this latter should be seen as a service of France Villa If no amicable resolution of the complaint is reached between Tenant and Owner, France Villa will forward the available data from Owner to the tenant in order to give Tenant the opportunity to set a claim for compensation towards Owner.


    Article 12 – Final Clauses

    The terms and condition are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes arising from an agreement where FranceVilla is involved and/or followed by these terms and conditions will be decided by the relevant court in the court of Zeeland / West Brabant. In the case of cancellation of a particular clause of these Terms, the other provisions shall remain in force, and the cancelled clause shall be deemed as agreeing with the obvious intentions of the relevant parties.



    Note: It is advisable to arrange insurance against cancellation of your holiday.