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French towns and cities have so much to offer a visitor to France. Roman remains, medieval magic, contemporary chic, charming squares, peaceful rivers, picturesque harbours, bustling markets, majestic cathedrals, local industry, architecture, arts and sport…the cities and towns of France all have their own unique character and attractions.

The cities evoke irresistible images of Romance in Paris, fine wining and dining in Toulouse, elegance in sun-soaked Nice and historical charm in Carcassonne. There are 22 regional cities in France and each department also has its own capital so the opportunities for a city break in a French town or city are endless.

So if you are enchanted by the famous allure of luxury Paris or you want to explore some towns that are off the beaten track then have a look at our accommodation in the cities and towns of France.

Accommodation in selected French Towns and Cities:


The capital of France and the capital of Romance. Walk along the Seine or visit some of the world's leading museums. Search for Accommodation


Rub shoulders with the stars on the Cote d'Azur. Soak up some sun on France's most glamorous coastline. Search for Accommodation

Visiting a City or Town in France

It's easy to visit a French city or town. France's regional airports mean it is easy to fly quickly and easily to your destination from the UK, especially convenient if you're only going for a shorter break. If you have a bit more time for your journey, the excellent high speed and regional train services will allow you to relax with a glass of wine and watch the French countryside flash past.

Cheap Flights to French Cities

Book cheap flights to a number of regional airports close to French cities. Cut the time it takes to travel to your destination by flying and then you can either hire a car to complete your journey or use local public transport

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