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The photos FAQ has information on using photos to advertise your property. Find out how many photos you should use and what sizes these photos should be.

How many photos do you recommend?
We recommend as many as possible as these are the single most important factor that will help to sell your weeks. More is better providing they are of good quality and say something about the property or area. Having a bad photo is worse than not having one at all! Photos can be added or changed at any time through the owners area. If you pay for 8 photos then you can add up to another 22 free of charge.

What is the maximum number of photos that I can have?
With our photo browser there is no theoretical limit to how many photos you can have, however too many will make the page slow to load so you would probably want to limit them to a maximum of 30.

What type of photos should I include on my page?
Some exterior pictures of the outside of the house, a pool picture if you have one and some good pictures of the interior. Some pictures of the local area and attractions are also desirable.

If the house is not terribly photogenic outside use more interior pictures or a pictures of local attractions. The main thing is that the pictures should be good quality and present an attractive aspect of the property. Digital pictures are best if you have a digital camera. Generally pictures with people or cars in front of the house or view are not recommended.

What size photos should I use.
The maximum size of the pictures in the browser is 500 pixels wide by 375 pixels high. Landscape photos reproduce best and are therefore preferred. The thumbnail is automatically reduced to a fixed size. If larger photos are uploaded they will be automatically reduced in size but we cannot increase the size of a smaller picture because it will loose resolution. Pictures sent smaller than 235 pixels high will normally be rejected.

We will not use montages or pictures with text on them.

Please note that properties cannot be published without images.

You will supply your pictures to us by uploading them to our server as part of the sign up proceedure initially but you can change them at any time. Please supply them in jpg format with the compression set to its lowest level.

I want to include a house plan or a map, is this possible?
If a plan or map is uploaded to your page it will be treated as a normal photograph although you may find that if the size has to be reduced they will loose definition and become unreadable.