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Hobby and Craft Holidays

Want to combine your holiday with the learning of a new skill alongside a group of like-minded people somewhere beautiful? France has so much more to offer than great food and stunning scenery – like countless opportunities to learn new things. Read on for an explanation of what could be on offer as part of your next holiday.

French Pottery and Porcelain

The potter’s craft is almost as old as time so a traditional chateau or converted stone barn is the perfect setting for your pottery holiday in the glorious countryside of France. Enjoy all modern facilities, including a swimming pool, while staying close to the earth that is the potter’s basic material. Enjoy the satisfaction of moulding wet clay, working shapes, managing the potter’s wheel, firing and then finishing beautiful hand-made pots, bowls and plates. At the end of your holiday or break, you’ll have mastered a skill both primaeval and bang up-to-date and can take home artistic and useful trophies to be proud of.

Our holidays offer you the freedom to explore as well as to learn. See examples of rustic French pottery or fine porcelain everywhere from museums to market stalls, fine art galleries to country restaurants. This is a setting that can bring fresh inspiration to your own vision and ideas. Pottery courses in our French properties can be taken as individuals, couples or groups. Make your next French holiday unusual and creative!

Capture the French Landscape and People on a Photography Holiday

Develop your digital photography skills and get inspired whilst holidaying in one of our glorious chateaux, watermills and farmhouses. Our photography courses are fun and flexible and non-photographer companions can pursue other activities or just relax in the pool or countryside. Whether you’re new to digital photography or want to improve such skills as artistic composition, lighting, and image manipulation, a break in France is the perfect opportunity to learn. Patchwork fields, meandering rivers with villages perched on their banks, mountains and sea, vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields. Then there are towns with markets and festivals, weathered fishermen and girls in traditional dress. The French countryside is timeless and endlessly varied in its beauty. You’ll have fun and return with beautiful images of faces and places, history and nature.