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A wine tasting holiday in France is fun, interesting, informative and a great wine shopping opportunity. Many of the properties advertised on our website are farmhouses, chateaux, manoirs, watermills, cottages and giites whose owners offer wine tours and organised wine tasting sessions. With destinations all over France, you can find a holiday just ripe for the picking!

The pleasures of wine tasting holidays in France

Fine wine is born out of the natural environment in which grapes are grown and the culture and traditions of its producers. France is a perfectly successful mix of both factors and the ultimate destination for wine tasting.

Stroll round a  vineyard on a hot summer’s day, admiring juicy ripe grapes on the vine and verdant hillsides stretching before you. Venture into the shade for tasting straight from the barrel in cool medieval cellars. Gain insight into the art of wine tasting – the fragrant aromas, the subtlety of flavours, the rich colours. After a leisurely afternoon of wine tasting, you can be sure you won’t walk away empty handed. When you open a bottle at home, your comments will be expert and the holiday memories will all come flooding back!

Bordeaux Wine Region

Best known for the world-famous Chateaux of the Medoc, Bordeaux also produces great wines from the south and east - places like Graves and St Emilion. There are many good value wines from small growers to be found though, particularly in some of the outlying villages of the region. Lesser known areas like Graves to the south of the city, Cotes de Bourg opposite Medoc and Cote de Castillon next to Saint Emilion are good hunting grounds.

Provence Wine Region

From the Alps in the north and east to the warm Mediterranean in the south, this is a region of sunkissed flowers, herbs and vines. No wonder it produces such excellent pale pink wines and rich, full reds.

Loire Valley Wine Region

The garden valley of France lines one of the longest rivers in Europe. The Loire is home to delicious wines like Muscadet, Sancerre, Pouilly and Anjou that perfectly accompany local dishes.

South West Wine Region

From the Dordogne in the north to the Lot valley in the south and the western Pyrenees, the South West is home to a fascinating range of grape varieties and styles producing luscious dessert wines of red, white and rose.

Beaujolais Wine Region

The very name suggests a picturesque location with pretty villages set among rolling hills. Beaujolais offers all this - and gorgeously drinkable red wines too.

Roussillon Wine Region

About as far south and west as you can go in France! With its Mediterranean sunshine, this is an exciting region of stunning red, white and rose wine development even thought wine styles are varied. 

Burgundy Wine Region

The great wine region of Burgundy is famous all over the world for its varied wines such as the subtle Chardonnay whites like Chablis and sensual Pinot Noir reds from Cote de Beaune and Cotes d'Auxerre. 

Languedoc Wine Region

A truly extraordinary region where majestic mountains and crags give way to fertile valleys - all producing rich red wines (recently much improved) from communes like St Chinian, Minervois and Corbieres.

Champagne Wine Region

Champagne is a wine that will always be welcome. A sparkling treat and a beautiful region with miles of vineyards and small champagne producers to discover. This makes the area a great hunting ground for wine lovers.

Rhone Valley Wine Region

Lying south of Lyon, the Rhone stretches right to the Mediterranean and along the slopes of its valley are the vineyards of world famous wines such as Hermitage and Chateauneuf du Pape.