French Connections

A vehicle breakdown can be very stressful at the best of times, but a breakdown abroad could be a nightmare. That's why you should consider getting breakdown cover.

European Breakdown cover for holidays and short trips to France can be well worth the investment.

It’s hot, you’re fully loaded, you’ve got young children with you and you don’t speak the language. Then there’s the cost! Can you imagine a worse start to your European holiday?

That's why European breakdown cover can be worth considering if you are planning to drive through France.

Breakdown DirectRecommended Insurance from Breakdown Direct

 With European breakdown insurance from Breakdown Direct, situations a problem with your car on holiday in France needn't have to become a crisis.

When you call the Breakdown Direct European motoring assistance helpline, you can be sure their staff have the experience, expertise and ability to save your holiday with the minimum of hassle.

Typical European Breakdown Cover Prices

Duration and price for single trip European Cover option, vehicles under 11 years old:

  • 2 Days Duration - £12.45
  • 3 Days Duration - £17.45
  • 7 Days Duration - £22.95
  • 12 Days Duration - £25.95
  • 18 Days Duration - £33.45
  • 24 Days Duration - £36.95
  • 31 Days Duration - £47.95
  • Caravan/Trailer - £20.00

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