French Connections

Calais is the most popular port for cross channel links between Britain and the European Mainland.

There are over 60 services per day on the main Dover - Calais route, with crossings taking less than an hour. The port is connected directly to the European motorway network via two Autoroutes. The Ferry terminal itself is well equipped with passenger facilities. It has a range of dining establishments, cash points and bureau de change. There is also plenty of parking for vehicle owners.

After being mainly destroyed during world war two there is very little of Calais that predates the 1940’s. There are, however vestiges of the old days to be seen here and there such as the stained glass windows in the magnificent town hall.

Calais is great for shopping with plenty of retail outlets offering great offers on alcohol, food and other products. Calais also has a nice range of restaurants offering everything from gastronomic delights to light mid-shopping snacks. There are also some nice laid back bars and a disco in the town centre for those wishing to make a night of it.

Calais also has a great range of beach activities and water sports available such as sailing, sail boarding and sand yachting.

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