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If you are interested in 'green' tourism or are concerned about reducing the carbon footprint left by your holiday, then a holiday in France could help ease your concerns.

As one of the nearest holiday destinations to the UK, France is easily accessible by more environmentally friendly methods of travel such as ferry and train. And with such a diverse range of regions in France and places to see, almost anyone can find a holiday to suit. Here are some ideas for reducing your carbon footprint with a holiday in France.

Take the train or ferry to France

Research carried out by Eurostar shows that passengers who fly between London and Paris generate ten times more emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) than travellers who go by rail. With the recently completed high speed rail link now in place, it’s even faster to get to Paris using the Eurostar train service to France. London St Pancras to Paris takes 2 hours 15 minutes, where you can connect with trains to the rest of France. Alternatively take the ferry to France instead of flying, using one of the many ferry routes between the UK and France. Slower ferries tend to use less energy than fast ferry services.

Change the way you travel in France

Reduce your carbon emission when in France by using alternative means of transport. The French rail network is excellent, with high speed TGV trains reaching all corners of the country and connecting with local services. Taking the train may be slower than driving, but you’ll arrive feeling fresher and enjoy the French countryside en route. If you still need a car to get to France, then you could use the Rail Europe motorail service to transport you and your car by train to the south of France. Finally, use the greenest form of transport there is on your holiday when you stay at one of our holiday properties which offer local cycling holidays or walking holidays.

Take longer and larger holidays in France

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling is to take fewer but longer holidays. The majority of our holiday properties can be booked for two or three weeks, subject to availability. One of the other great advantages of a self catering holiday in France is that you can go in far larger numbers than usual. Join up with family or friends, book a large holiday property in France, and holiday together to reduce your collective carbon footprint.

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