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Romantic Holidays in France

Your guide to the romantic side of France. From planning a French wedding to Valentine's Day and events and everything lovey dovey in between. 

Romantic Holidays in France

Whether you’re looking for Châteaux, Cathédrales, breathtaking gardens or coastlines, delicious eateries or visitor attractions, romantic France has so much to offer.

France is bursting with fantastic attractions to visit and sights to see; not to mention all the fabulous restaurants and endless cafés. Our guide aims to give you the top romantic places to visit to make planning your romantic break all the easier.

Favourite Romantic Coastlines

France boasts around 3,140km of beautiful coastline, a lot of which can be appreciated in Northern and Western France. Here, the coastline is rugged and rocky and has a similar appearance to Cornwall – just perfect for long romantic walks together whatever the time of year.

The Côte Fleurie consists of the Eastern coast of Calvados in Lower Normandy. The stretch of coastline, which runs along the Seine Bay, is named the 'Côte Fleurie' thanks to its beaches being bordered by lush green and flowered countryside.

The Côte de Granit Rose (pink granite coast) is located in the Côtes d'Armor department of Brittany. It stretches for more than thirty kilometres from Plestin-les-Grèves to Louannec and is one of the most outstanding coastlines in Europe. This special pink rock is very rare and can only be found in two other places in the world, Corsica and China.

What better place to say "I love you" than along the pretty coast of the Côte d’Amour (coast of love). This stretch of picturesque coastline will have you reaching for your camera with its fine sandy beaches, rock formations and endless caves waiting to be explored.

The Côte d’Opale is conveniently located just 2 hours from Paris, London and Brussels. The 'Opal Coast' occupies the coastline between Calais and Berk-sur-Mer and has many attractive qualities including sandy beaches, cliffs and sand dunes. Aside from the industrial parks, there is plenty left of the natural landscape to offer a visitor to the area.

Top Romantic 'Must Visit' Guide

The Eiffel Tower is probably one of the most obvious places to visit, being architecturally outstanding and affording breathtaking views of Paris. However, travel a little further into France and you will discover a wealth of sites and attractions to behold. We've included those 'must see' sites we consider to offer either historical interest, outstanding views, or stunning architecture

The Canal du Midi or Canal des Deux Mers is a 240 km long canal in the south of France. The canal connects the Garonne River to the Étang de Thau on the Mediterranean.

The Gothic abbey of Mont St Michel has stood proudly for well over 1,000 years, and today is one of the most visited tourist attractions outside of Paris. In July and August there is also a night-time tour, with music, light and sound.

Notre Dame de Paris, often known simply as Notre Dame in (English), is a Gothic cathedral. It is still used as a Roman Catholic cathedral and is the seat of the Archbishop of Paris. Notre Dame de Paris is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

The Promenade des Anglais ("Promenade of the English") is a famous promenade along the Mediterranean at Nice, France.

Valentine's Day in France

France – the romantic destination for Valentine’s Day. With its sensual language, sumptuous dishes, fine wines and sparkling champagne; its idyllic pastoral scenes, quaint villages and open beaches, la belle France is truly the country of lovers.

It’s little surprise that the St Valentine's Day festival is strongly linked to France, where the day is known simply as Le Valentin. Nowadays, couples give flowers and go out for a romantic dinner but cards are not as widely exchanged as in Britain and other countries.

The Valentine tradition probably started during the Middle Ages in both France and England, with the popular belief that, as birds began to mate in mid February, so too should men and women exchange love letters and romantic tokens.

Valentine cards are known in French as cartes d'amities and the first Valentines greeting is said to have been sent by a young Frenchman. Charles, Duke of Orleans, became known for the poems & love letters that he wrote to his wife whilst being held prisoner in the Tower of London after his capture at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

A less delicate Valentine’s Day custom in France was the “loterie d'amour" or "drawing for love", now officially banned. Single young people would call from the windows of facing houses until paired off, but many failed to honour the hastily-made match, leading to abuse and bad feeling.

More appealing is the tradition of travelling on 14th February to St Valentin, a pretty village in Indre, close to the Loire valley, and the only place in France named after St Valentine. Events and ceremonies abound, all dedicated to l’amour and les amoureux.

Valentine's Day Romantic Holiday Ideas

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