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We've put together some handy guides to help you with buying, selling and living in France.

If you’re one of the many British expats who are considering a permanent move overseas, knowing where to call your new home can be difficult. For those who have France in their sights, they’ll know that the country is full of bustling cities, lively towns, and quaint villages that will suit different personalities and ways of life.

It’s estimated that over 300,000 British citizens reside in France. If you’re ready to add to the number and start a new way of life, here are some of the best places to live in the country, as well as information on living costs that can give you a better idea of where to make your next move.

A Legal Guide To Buying

When buying a house in France there are many thing you need to be aware of. Our guide walks you through the entire process from preliminary advice to contract and completion. Read on to find out more. 

Mortgages in France

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UK citizens who planned to relocate to France may have had their plans disrupted by Britain’s exit from the European Union. Now that the UK is no longer an EU member state, travel restrictions are in place for UK citizens travelling to EU countries, including limits on the amount of time that you can travel to the EU without a visa and more paperwork for those who are looking to live or work in an EU country. The good news is that while it may no longer be as easy as it once was to relocate to France now that the UK has left the EU, it is still possible to live in France in a post-Brexit world. Here’s everything that you need to know

The Cost of Buying your French House

Property is cheaper in France but you need to find out what's included in the asking price, and bear in mind the other costs that will be incurred. Our guide tells you all you need to know about legal and agency fees. 

Having found your ideal French property at what seems like a very reasonable price, it can come as a bit of a shock to those used to the UK market that the buyer may have to pay the agency fees and is responsible for all the legal fees – this can make your French house up to 20% more expensive than you first thought. How does this come about? You need to find exactly what is included in the asking price, as well as bearing in mind the other costs that will be incurred.

French Estate Planning

We have created this simple guide to French Estate Planning, to ensure that your French property is dealt with in the way you wish during your lifetime and after death. This includes information on succession law.

French succession law is somewhat different to English succession law and its provisions may come as a surprise to English buyers who are used to the idea of testamentary freedom. Family situations are often complex these days, with second marriages, stepchildren and so on and provisions usually need to be made at the time of purchase to avoid difficult circumstances later on.

Deciding to leave your home and country and move elsewhere can be daunting, but it can also be a rich experience. It can allow you to experience a new culture and purchase the house of your dreams, as different countries have different architectures. Plus, if you are a lover of certain cuisine, environment, and climate, then this can also be a good enough reason to consider moving abroad.

A Guide to Living in France

Think of France and what comes to mind? Wide roads, great-value restaurants, a gentle climate and landscape, rural lifestyle, great pride in national identity and traditions both cultural and social.

Then there are the negative clichés - national arrogance, language inflexibility, unprincipled self-interest, impenetrable bureaucracy, slow working practices.

What’s the truth behind all these myths – and could French life work for you? If you plan to buy property and live in France, either permanently or part-time, it pays to be flexible about embracing the culture and keep an open mind and heart. So find out more about the many different aspects of living in France.

Renovating a House in France

So you’re thinking of buying a house with great age and bags of character, but what do you need to think about? Our guide explains all you need to know about home renovations in France.

So you’ve bought a French house with great age and bags of character. To the casual observer, it’s a ruin - but to you, it just oozes potential. All that stands between you and the beautiful home of your dreams is a bit of renovation. What are you going to need?