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Battlefields in France

Plan your own tour of the historic battlefields of France such as the Somme, Normandy or Verdun, and stay at a French Connections self catering holiday property or gite. France has been at the centre of European history for centuries. Discover the past for yourself with a battlefield tour of these important sites in France.

As a result, the country has had more than its fair share of struggle and conflict, reflected today in the many battlefields, monuments and cemeteries which scatter large areas of the French countryside. 

Plan a battlefield tour of France

Organised battlefield tours aren’t for everyone, especially the more independently minded traveller. It's easy to plan your own visit to the historic battlefields of France, taking in the sites that interest you the most or making a special trip to visit the war grave of a fallen relative. Book your accommodation along the way at one of our 3000 self catering holiday properties, gites or bed and breakfasts across France.

Visiting the Normandy Battlefields

On 6th June 1944 American, British and Canadian forces landed on the Normandy beaches, as part of Operation Overlord, and then fought a grim battle to break out of their beachhead and eventually liberate Paris. You can visit the invasion beaches themselves, local museums, American and Commonwealth war cemeteries, and special sites of military interest such as the German battery at Pointe du Hoc and Pegasus Bridge on the Orne Canal near Caen. Other places to visit in the area include the Bayeaux Tapestry and the monastery at Mont St Michel.
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Visiting the Somme Battlefields

Visit the moving and evocative battlefields of the Somme, where Kitchener’s army attempted the long awaited ‘big push’ in July 1916, but instead walked into the teeth of well prepared German defences. The Somme was also the scene of Operation Michael, the opening German counter offensive of March 1918. There are numerous sites to visit in the area including preserved trenches, museums, war graves, and of course the famous Thiepval monument to the missing.
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Visiting the Verdun Battlefield

Verdun in Eastern France is the scene of one of the most tragic and futile battles of the First World War. Chosen by German generals to draw the French into a battle of attrition, Verdun proved incredibly costly to both sides. Visit the famous forts of Verdun and experience the full enormity of this major battle.
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