French Connections

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The old man didn’t look like a typical ‘English’ version of a Frenchman.
You know the type: onions, garlic, beret, bicycle…
He was wearing a dark flat hat, his ‘blues’ (working man’s overalls)

“Every year there is a food fair in Dijon, each time with a different theme.” Marlene tells me.
“How ‘Fascinating’.”  I reply. “I have managed to sustain myself for more than three score years w

Well, you wouldn’t like it either… having somebody throw bombs across your ceiling! It happens every year and there is nothing the fish can do about it.

These come in bewildering variations of colours, flavours and textures, with all sorts of extras on the side. Such as whipping and lacy overlays that hide the temptations hidden underneath.

Tootling through Burgundy on a motorbike can be fun