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France is widely known as one of the most beautiful and refined countries in Europe. With gorgeous cuisine, amazing climate and some of the best culture and history in the world, it’s no surprise that France is one of the most widely-visited countries on the continent and a popular choice for people who are looking to relocate overseas. Here are some of the main reasons why many who live in or visit France often regard it as so amazing and beautiful.

Beautiful Opportunity for Working Life:

Many people decide to relocate to France to work because the French certainly know how to maintain a proper work-life balance. In many French areas, shops and other services are closed at 7PM on the dot so that employees are able to enjoy dinner and their evening with their family back at home, and hourly lunch breaks are usually paid for by your employer when you work in France. Plus, they take no issue with workers who want to enjoy a glass of wine with their lunch before returning. Once you are employed in France, you get to enjoy thirty paid holiday days, which increases the longer you work for a company. They take holidays seriously and encourage employees to take all their holiday days off each year. And if things couldn’t get any better, French law actually bans employees from checking work emails after 6PM.

Art and Beautiful Places in France:

France is a paradise for art-lovers, particularly at the Louvre in Paris where you can find almost 35,000 amazing art works on display including the world-famous Mona Lisa. Here you can explore sculptures from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, Egyptian antiques, huge jewellery collections from the French nobility, Islamic art and much more. And, it’s not the only place to wonder at amazing art in Paris; the d’Orsay museum offers over two thousand paintings from later periods including an amazing impressionist and post-impressionist collection.

Enjoy Excellent Food Quality in the Beautiful Places in France:

The special food certification known as AOC has been around in France since 1411, regulating the boundaries where certain foods can be produced to assure the quality of regional foods. For example, you cannot call any sparkling wine Champagne unless it comes from the province of the same name. The French are very proud of the guarantee that all AOC sealed products adhere to a set of strict standards. All goods are produced in a traditional manner using ingredients from designated areas.

Beautiful Modern Farm Houses Near Stunning Wine Regions:

The wine history in France dates all the way back to the sixth century, so you can be sure that the quality of wine here is one of the most excellent in the world. Champagne was given to the world by France, and sparkling wine from any other region in the country is only called sparkling wine. If you like red wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy are particularly famous red wine regions, while the Savoy province, the Loire Valley and Alsace are some of the best areas for fine white wines. Wherever you go, you can find bottles of cheap, fine wine.

Diverse and Beautiful Places in France to Stay, from Stunning Beaches to Beautiful Village Nature:

France is a hugely diverse country with tons of opportunities for those who want to stay or live here, whether you are looking for busy city life, want to enjoy a rural farm dwelling, or a chalet in the French Alps. The French Alps are one of the best destinations in Europe for hiking and skiing with stunning and unforgettable views. Along the coastline you will find some of the most gorgeous beaches in Europe, whether you are looking for quiet beaches off the beaten track or popular destinations for surfing and diving.

Beautiful Villages in France Are Fantastic for Families:

For those with small children looking to relocate to France, this country is fantastic for families, with a huge selection of high-quality, government-provided school and childcare services. Subsidies for home-based childcare are offered to families, and parents who have more than one child can access a wide range of benefits including transportation discounts and lower taxes. Mums are encouraged to take maternity leave and will receive their full salary for sixteen weeks after giving birth, while dads get up to eleven days fully-paid.

Beautiful Little Cottages and Beautiful Country Homes Close to Borders:

Since France shares borders with eight different nations, it’s no surprise that it is a popular destination with travel-loving Europeans. Wherever in Europe you are coming from, France is typically easy to get to, even if you are crossing the sea from the UK, thanks to the Eurotunnel, Eurostar, and countless ferry services along with multiple flights per day.

Beautiful Country House Options with Great Weather:

With stunning warm summers and a mild climate throughout spring and autumn, it’s no surprise that many people who visit France flock there for the weather. In fact, France has such a great climate and so many beautiful places to visit that of the 60% of French nationals who go away on holiday, 80% will choose a staycation over travelling abroad.

Beautiful Country Homes for Australia Visitors Near Heritage Sites:

Although France is actually fourth on the list of countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites with just forty-one, it’s definitely a matter of quality over quantity here. There are few other countries in the world that have looked after their historical sites quite as well as France has, and you can find a wide range of ancient cathedrals and other stunning buildings from hundreds of years ago that have been amazingly well-preserved.

Beautiful French Sentences and How to Say Beautiful in French:

There are several French words that can be used to describe something or somebody that is beautiful including bel, beau, beaux, belle, de toute beaute, splendides, tres beau, belles, magnifiques, and superbes. French is often known as the most beautiful language in the world, pronouncing letters much more softly compared to English, making the words sound more like a chant. Although the language is made up of nearly the same letters as English, it is entirely different in personality and far more romantic.

What are the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in France? Great Views and Beautiful Place of Nature Near Surat

While anywhere in this country can certainly be classed as beautiful, some of the French destinations that are regarded as the most beautiful in the country by locals and tourists alike include:

Cote de Granit Rose:

This ten-kilometre long stretch from Perros-Guirec to Trebeurden is known as the pink granite coast thanks to the huge, pink-coloured Atlantic rocks that line the shores. It is a stunning place to visit for spotting seabirds in the gorgeous Sept-Iles Nature Reserve or enjoying a fresh and delicious lunch in the former fishing village.

Volcans d’Auvergne:

The Chaine des Puys, the Cezallier, Monts Dore and the Monts du Cantal make up the star attraction in the huge Auvergne volcanoes regional nature park, spanning almost 400,000 hectares. It is one of the most beautiful and unique French settings for hiking, cycling, and even hot air balloon trips.

Jardins de Marqueyssac:

With picture-perfect villages and idyllic woodlands, the Dordogne Valley is certainly one of the most beautiful areas of France. Head to the stunning gardens of Marqueyssac located in the grounds of a seventeenth-century chateau. Here you’ll find hundreds of boxwood trees that have been carved into unique globular shapes. Enjoy the five-kilometre walking route through the gardens where you can get some of the best panoramic views from the vantage point at the castle.

Canal du Midi:

Connecting the Etang de Thau basin with the Garonne river, the 240-kilometre-long Midi offers a stunning setting for a waterside cycle ride during the summer. It was built in the seventeenth century under patronage of Colbert, first minister to Louis XIV. Today is it connected to the Canal de Garonne, where barges can be rented to travel all the way from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean seas.

Lac d’Annecy:

Bordered by stunning mountains with snowy caps, Annecy is known as the cleanest lake in Europe thanks to strict local regulations of the environment. This lake is the third-largest in France at twenty-eight square kilometres and attracts sailors, dives, sunbathers, and many other visitors to each summer. The hills in the area offer some of the most stunning hikes in the country, and the local Annecy town is filled with amazing restaurants.

Cirque de Gavarnie:

Close to the Spanish boarder, this huge, amphitheatre-like valley is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The cirque itself is around four kilometres wide and the rocky walls tower above at 1,500 metres high. In the summer months, it’s the perfect destination to spot the flowing Grande Cascade, the second-tallest waterfall in Europe at 425 metres high.

France is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to diverse areas, gorgeous food, a relaxed way of life, and a romantic language.