French Connections

Find Holiday accommodation in France


France is a great destination for those looking to enjoy a holiday on a budget. One of the most affordable places to visit in France is Nice, with cheaper accommodation and restaurants than other cities like Paris. There are also plenty of budget accomodations to choose from, so you don't have to worry about expensive hotel rooms. For those looking for something more unique, Vence offers some of the highest numbers of budget accommodation in France.    
The cheapest city in France is Vence Properties near Vence, with a variety of day trips and activities to keep tourists entertained. The fabled French Riviera is often thought of as a very expensive place to visit; however, Nice offers some great deals and experiences that are worth considering. There are also the resort towns of Saint Tropez, Monte Carlo and La Croisette that offer excellent value for money. For those looking to explore the Loire Valley further inland there's plenty to do including visiting the châteaux and wine tasting in Bordeaux. Travelers can find excellent prices for accommodation throughout the valley from Tours to Angers making it perfect for a budget holiday destination in France.    
One of the cheapest places to visit in France is Marseille Properties near Marseille, with its stunning Mediterranean scenery and sparkling coastline. This vibrant city also serves as a great base for exploring the rest of Provence. From there, travelers can easily access other big French cities like Bordeaux and Nice by air via airports like Nice Cote d'Azur Airport. Additionally, there are many regional connections that allow visitors to explore more remote parts of the country at a much lower cost than an airline ticket would cost them. For those looking for something different from France’s major cities, they should consider making their way to some of the best Italian cities in proximity such as Marseille Saint-Tropez or Pisa. These locations offer travelers an opportunity to experience both French and Italian culture without having to break the bank on expensive flights between countries. Plus, they make for a perfect stopping point when travelling throughout Europe as they are well connected by train, bus and car services allowing much easier access between regions than air travel would provide.    
France Properties in France is the ideal destination for an affordable holiday, boasting numerous public and private beaches, beautiful beach towns, numerous tourist attractions, green spaces and a cultural richness that can be experienced in all major French cities. Whether you're an active traveler looking to explore the outdoors or a relaxed vacationer looking to lounge on the beach with a good book in hand, France has something for everyone. A great way to save money when travelling around France is to purchase a city pass which offers discounts on attractions and activities as well as discounts at select hotels and restaurants. Additionally, many cities have their own websites dedicated to showcasing what they have on offer such as events and tours which are often free or heavily discounted - perfect for those who want to experience more without breaking the bank!