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Our deepest sympathy and condolences are with those affected by the tragic events in Paris on Friday night. For now, Paris is a city in mourning, echoed throughout France, with an official mourning period that ends on the night of 17th November.
The security situation remains fluid, but Paris and France as a whole are still open to visitors. We know that many will wish to continue with their travel plans to show support.
Eurotunnel and  Eurostar services are operating as planned, but due to reinforced border checks, travellers should allow extra time. Most major airlines are now operating normally into and out of Paris and the airports are open, although again there may be extra security.
Disneyland Paris is closed for three days and is open from 18th November, while the Eiffel Tower is closed to visitors until further notice. Most tourist attractions reopen on 18th November.
The airlines recognise that some people may want to reschedule their trips, so they have announced policies to accommodate them. However, check the terms carefully, as some are quite strict. It’s also a good idea to sign up for alerts from your airline if you have a booking so that you can get an instant notification of any possible flight changes.
If you’re already in Paris, you may find that the heightened security can restrict your movements. If you’re scheduled to fly home, you might want to give yourself extra time to both get to the airport and go through security.