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We all know there are a ton of reasons to love France but without a doubt, for most of us, bread is definitely up there at the top somewhere!

The French are a country of bread lovers and you’ll find brilliant boulangeries in cities and towns and tiny villages. Going to a French boulangerie, queuing for your freshly baked baguette or boulot is a cultural experience, not just a shopping trip. 

Gastronomy is UNESCO listed in France, so important is it to the heritage of its people and bread is most definitely a part of it. Just think of that famous saying attributed (wrongly, probably) to Marie Antoinette “let them eat bread”, enough to fuel a revolution.

Bread has been around for centuries and the famous long thin stick of French bread has been around since around the middle of the 18th century, though it was only called baguette in the early 20th century. It wasn’t unusual for bakers to make them up to 6 feet long in those days – imagine sticking that under your arm as you cycle back to your gorgeous holiday home!

Go on holiday to any region in France and check out the boulangeries in the area – it will definitely enhance your visit. It’s a simple act but it’s deep. According to statistics 98% of French people eat bread every day. Line up with the locals for your morning, lunch time, afternoon or evening fix and you’ll get a taste of daily life – literally! 

Who can resist the smell of fresh cooked bread, the sound of the crust crackling as a golden baguette cools down, the pride of the baker stacking his loaves, the light in the eyes of his customers! 

Bake my day: Stay at the beautifully restored Bijou Bakery in Manche, Normandy (sleeps 6). It’s just 20 minutes from the medieval town of Domfront where you’ll discover several excellent boulangeries. Pop into Le Fournil du Chateau Antoine & Muriel where you’ll find some irresistible bread, cakes and beautiful plaited brioches! Join a cooking experience day at the Bijou Bakery and make something delicious to dip your bread into. 

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