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Find Holiday accommodation in France

When it comes to public holidays in France, unlike the UK, most businesses, shops and offices will close although you’ll find supermarkets and bakers may open in the morning. Some restaurants may open for lunch and/or dinner, but it’s best to make a reservation in advance to be sure.

If a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, it’s usual for businesses to also close on the Friday or Monday to create a long weekend known as “faire le pont” (make a bridge).

Public Holidays in France 2020

Some days are changeable, others are fixed but these are the official public holiday for France in 2020.

1 January: New Year's Day

10 April: Good Friday. This is only observed in eastern Alsace.

13 April: Easter Monday

1 May: Labour Day

8 May: Victory Day

21 May: Ascension Day

31 May: Whit Sunday

1 June: Whit Monday

14 July: Bastille Day

15 August: Assumption Day

1 November: All Saints' Day

11 November: Armistice Day

25 December: Christmas Day

26 December: St Stephen's Day. This is only observed in eastern Alsace.