French Connections

Find Holiday accommodation in France

Own a holiday rental in France? You still have time to grab our great summer 20% discount offer and start getting your property noticed online.
The offer is open to new advertisers listing on the French Connections site and applies to both our Classic and Professional packages. Both are fixed cost advertising with no commission charges, so you keep all your earnings.

Adverts are easy to compile, as we put you in control of your pages. And optional upgrades mean you can display extra photographs, host video tours, run special offers and feature in promotions.

We specialise in France so you’ll also have the back-up of our great customer service and personal support, including native French speakers, and our active programme of promoting our owners in the Press. We get regular coverage for our advertisers in French Property News, Living France and The Good Life France.

So, if you’re thinking of letting your French property for the first time or looking to get more bookings, start at the link below now.