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I recently read an article about a woman called Louise Clarke who woke up one morning convinced she was French. She started speaking French all the time and demanding croissants. To us it might sound quite amusing and also a rather convenient w

I've been thinking a lot about Marie Antoinette recently. There's a nice new film about her and I like the costumes. But I also think I am beginning to understand why the French were so keen to get rid of her. She had a reputation for arrogance and her catchphrase of 'let them eat cake' was hardly going to win her favours with the proletariat...

IT'S ALWAYS a pleasure to head over the hills and far away for Montpellier, the big city, to gulp down draughts from the deep well of urbanitis. Village life is all very well, and there's much to be said for living in a rural community where every

Monday, December 4th. St Barbara. Entente Cordiale (EC) rating: 100

The newish mother-and-daughter proprietors of the village shop tell us they'd like to begin stocking typical British products in time for Christm

Pity poor Sting. Half a mile from his 17th century manor house in Wiltshire a small wooden fishing hut has been erected without planning permission. The singer is not so much dancing on the moon as hopping mad. He should never think about buying a place in France. For here in France people can put up huts as and when it suits them...

I am on a beach in Corsica looking at a French woman’s bottom. It is pert, round and rather tanned. At the risk of being arrested I go a little closer. What I’m trying to discover is whether or not French women have cellulite...

HERE'S A little verse.

Un, deux, trois:
Où est le roi?
Quatre, cinq, six:
Avec son fils.
Sept, huit, neuf:
Il mange un oeuf
Dix, onze, douze:
Sur la pelouse.

Translation? What